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Homeworld 3: Developer Update Unveils Game-Changing Features Ahead of Release

Blackbird Interactive Responds to Player Feedback with Extensive Enhancements

NEWS  Games  March 28, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Homeworld 3, developed by Blackbird Interactive, has recently made waves with its decision to delay the release once again. However, this delay isn't just a setback; it's an opportunity for the development team to fine-tune the game based on invaluable feedback from both private tests and public demos.


Originally slated for release on March 8, the launch date for Homeworld 3 has been rescheduled to May 13. This strategic decision stems from a desire to incorporate significant improvements into the game's mechanics and user interface. Blackbird Interactive has heeded the voices of players, recognizing the importance of delivering a polished product that meets the expectations of its dedicated fan base.

The most recent developer update, showcased on the game's Steam page, outlines a plethora of changes poised to redefine the Homeworld experience. One of the standout modifications involves a comprehensive overhaul of the game's controls. Acknowledging the diverse preferences among players, Blackbird Interactive has introduced three distinct control schemes: Modern, Legacy, and Customize. This strategic move ensures that both newcomers and seasoned veterans can navigate the intricacies of space warfare with ease and familiarity.

Central to the revamped control system is the implementation of rebindable keyboard inputs, affording players unparalleled customization options.


Whether opting for the streamlined efficiency of the Modern scheme or the nostalgic familiarity of Legacy controls, users can tailor their gameplay experience to suit their individual preferences. Moreover, the introduction of the Customize scheme empowers players to blend elements from both Modern and Legacy setups, granting them unprecedented control over their interstellar fleets.

Beyond control enhancements, Homeworld 3 promises to deliver a more robust and engaging gameplay experience. Ship hitpoints have been increased by 30%, prolonging the intensity of battles and encouraging strategic maneuvering. Additionally, the reintroduction of the Attack Move feature from earlier iterations opens up new avenues for tactical prowess, enabling players to orchestrate their fleets with precision and efficiency.

Furthermore, Blackbird Interactive has demonstrated a commitment to enriching the game's content with additional features.


A new slider in the settings HUD enhances accessibility, while the inclusion of more objectives during War Games mode runs promises to challenge players in new and exciting ways.

Despite the delay, eager fans can still anticipate the arrival of Homeworld 3 on May 13. Those seeking an immersive experience from the outset can indulge in the game's Collector's Edition, complete with meticulously crafted ship models and exclusive bonuses. Furthermore, enthusiasts can gain early access to the full version of the game on May 10 by securing the Collector's Edition—a testament to Blackbird Interactive's dedication to its community.




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