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Android 14 Drops Long-Press Shortcut for App Notifications

Latest Update Introduced Changes and Refined Interface Design

NEWS  Google  November 29, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Google's latest Android 14 release has bid farewell to the familiar long-press shortcut that allowed users to view an app's notifications at a glance. Previously, Android 13 permitted users to access at least one notification via a long-press, complete with a handy counter indicating the presence of additional notifications.

This alteration is part of Google's strategy to build upon the foundation laid by Android 13, opting for subtle refinements over major feature overhauls. The absence of the long-press notification feature has left some users nostalgic for the convenience it once offered.

9to5Google first spotted this change, noting that the previous method of viewing notifications during a long-press interaction was not without its flaws. The counter in the corner would alert users to the existence of more notifications, but it was limited to displaying only one notification during the long-press, even if there were multiple.

Interestingly, this change took many by surprise, particularly those who weren't part of the beta testing phase. During the Android 14 beta run over the summer, concerns about the removal of long-press notifications were raised as an "issue." However, a Google representative responded, asserting that the adjustment was intentional and working "as intended".

With the long-press notification feature now retired, users are left with App Info, Pause App, and Widgets as the primary options when interacting with an app icon. 9to5 highlights that this change provides these remaining options with more breathing room, presenting them as a clear and distinct list rather than a merged design.

Android 14, officially rolled out in October, continues to refine and enhance user experience. The latest release, QPR1 Beta 2.2, addressed over 30 fixes for Pixel devices, aiming to ensure stability before the stable December feature drop. Meanwhile, Google is actively progressing with QPR2 Beta 1.1, expected to achieve a stable release in March 2024.

As the tech giant navigates these incremental updates, users can anticipate a more customized lock screen experience and enhanced usability, demonstrated by a consistent share menu design across various apps like X, Instagram, and others. Google remains committed to fine-tuning the Android experience, addressing bugs, and enhancing performance for Pixel users.




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