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Halo Infinite Operation Update adds BTB: Sentry Defense Mode and More

Fans Eagerly Await New Gameplay Mode and Cosmetics After Service Disruption

NEWS  Games  July 5, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

On Tuesday, Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service faced a significant outage, disrupting access to various titles, including Halo: Infinite. The outage, lasting several hours, coincided with the release of the highly anticipated Anvil Operation update for the game, leaving fans unable to immediately delve into the latest content.


Among the key features introduced in the update is the BTB: Sentry Defense gameplay mode, part of Halo Infinite's evolving multiplayer experience. BTB, shorthand for Big Team Battle, pits two teams of 12 players against each other, each tasked with defending a pair of formidable Sentry turrets. These turrets, accompanied by their own Sentinel Boss, serve as crucial objectives in the battle for supremacy.

According to details shared on the Halo Waypoint site, each team starts with 2,000 points, which deplete as the defending turrets sustain damage. The mode encourages strategic choices—whether to focus on offensive maneuvers against the enemy turrets or adopt a more cautious, defensive approach to safeguard their own.

The update also brings a fresh community-made map named Command to the BTB: Sentry Defense playlist, expanding the battlefield with new tactical opportunities for players.


In addition to gameplay enhancements, the Anvil Operation update introduces a 20-tier Operation Pass. This pass enables players to unlock a variety of new in-game cosmetics, including armor sets and emblems. Notably, all players gain access to exclusive Disability Pride Month-themed items, showcasing inclusivity within the Halo: Infinite community.

Despite the initial setback caused by the Xbox Live outage, Microsoft swiftly resolved the issue, allowing eager fans to finally explore the Anvil Operation content update. The update is slated to remain live until July 30, providing ample time for players to engage with the new features and earn coveted rewards.




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