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Anticipating the Future: What's in Store for Google Pixel 9 Series?

Exploring Rumors, Leaks, and Expectations for the Upcoming Google Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro

NEWS  Smartphones  December 19, 2023  Reading time: 3 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have made their grand entrance, but tech enthusiasts are already setting their sights on what lies ahead. The Pixel 9 is on the horizon, and with Google's reputation for leaks, whispers about the device are circulating. In this article, we delve into everything we currently know about the Pixel 9, from design possibilities to anticipated features.

Design and Variants

Actually the Pixel 9's base design remains shrouded in mystery. However, Google's consistent design language, marked by the iconic camera bar, is likely to persist. Leaks from December 2022 unveiled plans for the Pixel 9 series, including a regular Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and a smaller version of the Pixel 9 Pro model. This smaller version aims to mirror the size of the current Pixel 7, catering to users who prefer a more compact device.

Performance and Chipset

The Tensor G4 is poised to power the Pixel 9 series, succeeding the Tensor G3. Originally intended as Google's first in-house chipset, recent reports suggest a delay to 2025 with the Pixel 10. The Tensor G4 is expected to be a slight improvement over its predecessor, maintaining the modified Samsung Exynos chipset. However, speculation abounds about the Pixel 10 featuring a fully custom, in-house chip, potentially elevating Google's hardware performance to new heights.

Charging Standard and Software

The year 2024 is anticipated to bring Qi2, a significant upgrade to the charging standard. The Pixel 9 is rumored to be an early contender in adopting this technology, enhancing user experience. Furthermore, the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro are expected to debut with Android 15 out of the box, setting the stage for the next major OS upgrade. Google is likely to reserve the best features for its hardware, emphasizing exclusivity.

AI-Powered Processing and Software Tricks

In 2024, Google is expected to strengthen its focus on AI, building on the groundwork laid by the Pixel 8 Pro. As previously reported Google is working on a new Gemini-powered assistant named Pixie, designed to work offline on-device with Gemini Nano, showcasing Google's dedication to advancing AI capabilities.

Lifespan and Camera Enhancements

Similar to the Pixel 8, the Pixel 9 series is speculated to receive seven years of OS updates, providing extended support until 2031. Google may prioritize AI-powered processing and software enhancements over raw hardware for camera improvements. While details on new hardware are scarce, the Pixel 9's prowess is expected to shine through software innovations.

Pricing and Release Date

With the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro experiencing a $100 price increase, the Pixel 9 series is anticipated to maintain these price points. Global inflation raises the risk of higher prices, but without evidence to the contrary, $700 and $1,000 price tags for the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro seem reasonable. As for the release date, Google's tradition of launching new Pixel hardware in the first week of October is likely to continue.

While the Pixel 9 series holds promise with its speculated features and improvements, current Google flagship users may find it challenging to resist the allure of the Pixel 8 (currently available on Amazon for $549 - 21% off). With an anticipated release date in early October 2024, the Pixel 9 series is still nearly a year away. Whether it's worth the wait depends on individual preferences, but one thing is certain—Google's commitment to innovation ensures that the Pixel 9 series will be a compelling addition to the lineup. As we eagerly await more concrete details, the tech community can only anticipate what Google has in store for its next flagship devices.




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