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Apple's 2024 Lineup: Mac Pro and Mac Studio with M3 Ultra Chip

A Look into Apple's Future, Marking Significant Upgrades in Performance and Capabilities

NEWS  Apple  January 9, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Apple is gearing up to make headlines with a slew of groundbreaking upgrades, focusing on the new iPads and Macs that promise to deliver noticeable improvements. Leading the charge is the highly anticipated introduction of the M3 Ultra chip, set to power the next-generation Mac Pro and Mac Studio.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman delves into the details, revealing that Apple is diligently working to enhance the Mac Pro and Mac Studio, both scheduled for a grand unveiling later this year at WWDC 2024. The highlight of this announcement is the introduction of the M3 Ultra chip, poised to redefine performance standards.

Apple M3 chip

Gurman discloses that the Mac Pro and Mac Studio will be equipped with an unannounced variant of the M3 chip, promising unparalleled power and efficiency. Sources suggest that the new chip could potentially boast double the number of cores found in the M3 Max, featuring up to 32 CPU cores and an astonishing 80 GPU cores. As the M3 chip already marked a significant leap from its predecessor, the M2, the industry is eager to witness how the M3 Ultra will outshine its Max counterpart.

The timeline for this revelation aligns with Apple's tradition of showcasing major updates at its annual WWDC event. The company previously unveiled the M2 Ultra last year at the same event, making it highly plausible that the M3 Ultra variant will make its debut on this prestigious stage in June. Gurman suggests that Apple has already initiated the development of these products, although specifics regarding design and form factor remain undisclosed. Given the relatively recent redesign of these machines, industry speculation leans toward a continuity in design for the Mac Pro and Mac Studio with a refreshing touch in 2024.

Turning our attention to the Mac Pro, Gurman predicts a high-end chip upgrade, maintaining the current design aesthetic. The possibility of Apple introducing the "Extreme" branded M series of chips adds an additional layer of anticipation to this announcement. Drawing parallels with the introduction of the M2 Ultra in the Mac Pro last year, all signs point to the M3 Ultra chip taking center stage this year.

But that's not all – Apple has more in store. Alongside the Mac Pro and Mac Studio upgrades, the company aims to revamp the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air. Recognizing the varied demand for the MacBook Air lineup, especially the larger variant falling short of expectations, Apple intends to inject new life into the series with the M3 chip. If marketed effectively, this move could lead to a significant boost in sales.




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