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Apple Watch X: Anticipating a Milestone Anniversary Edition

Exploring the Expected Features, Design Innovations, and Pricing of Apple's Tenth-Anniversary Wearable

NEWS  Apple  January 6, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

The highly anticipated Apple Watch X, set to commemorate the iconic line's tenth anniversary, is generating considerable buzz in tech circles. With insights from industry experts and trusted leakers, this article delves into the expected features, design innovations, and potential pricing of Apple's milestone wearable.

Consistent Launch Patterns

Since its inception, the Apple Watch line has adhered to a regular launch schedule, introducing a new model each year. The Apple Watch X is poised to follow the 2023 releases of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, with industry insider Mark Gurman predicting a 2024 launch to coincide with the line's ten-year milestone.


Apple Watch series 9

Design Evolution

The evolution of the Apple Watch has been marked by incremental changes, maintaining a rounded, rectangular case with interchangeable bands and a proprietary charger. However, leaks suggest that the Apple Watch X could usher in a significant design overhaul, introducing a new magnetic band attachment system to enable a thinner design. Gurman also anticipates a thinner overall watch case and the potential integration of a microLED display for enhanced color and clarity.

Conflicting Predictions

While Gurman's leaks point to groundbreaking changes, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo contradicts these claims, suggesting a more conservative approach by Apple in 2024. Kuo dismisses the possibility of a microLED display or blood glucose monitoring in the upcoming smartwatch, indicating that these features might be reserved for subsequent releases.

Health Monitoring Features

The Apple Watch X is rumored to include advanced health monitoring features, with a focus on blood pressure monitoring. Trusted leaker Gurman suggests that this feature could be introduced in 2024, along with a potential sleep apnea detector. The sleep apnea detector would analyze breathing patterns, providing users with valuable insights and prompting them to seek medical attention if necessary.

Pricing Speculations

While the pricing for the Apple Watch X remains uncertain, historical trends show a consistent starting price of $399 for previous models. However, with the promise of significant upgrades, there's speculation that Apple might deviate from this pattern. The premium Ultra line, launched at $799, adds to the uncertainty about where the Apple Watch X will fall in terms of pricing.

Recommendations for Current Owners

For current Series 7 or Series 8 owners, it is advised to consider holding off on upgrading to the Series 9 and await further details on the Apple Watch X. Similarly, Ultra or Ultra 2 owners are encouraged to stay informed about how the X will compare to the premium lineup, particularly concerning battery life. The Apple Watch X stands poised to make a significant impact, potentially redefining the standard for smartwatches in the wearable technology market. Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking release.




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