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Apple's Wearables Will Take Center Stage in 2024: The Rise of Vision Pro, AirPods, and Apple Watch

A Shift in Focus as Apple Looks Beyond iPhone Upgrades to Elevate its Wearables Business

NEWS  Apple  December 17, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Apple gears up for a transformative 2024, signaling a departure from the traditional iPhone-centric strategy that has defined the company for over 15 years. While the iPhone will still receive upgrades, the spotlight shifts to Apple's thriving wearables business, featuring the highly anticipated Vision Pro, advancements in AirPods, and groundbreaking enhancements for the Apple Watch.

Wearable Business Takes Center Stage

In the aftermath of stagnant sales across major product segments in 2023, Apple aims to rejuvenate its market presence. The Vision Pro, a groundbreaking addition to Apple's portfolio, emerges as a focal point, poised to redefine the user experience and potentially become a financial game-changer.

AirPods Evolution and Market Strategy

Apple addresses challenges with its AirPods lineup, introducing two new fourth-generation non-Pro models with updated designs and USB-C charging. The upper-end version boasts active noise cancellation, offering premium features at a more accessible price point. Apple also seeks to breathe new life into the AirPods Max headphones, exploring design updates and potentially new color options.

Health Features and Innovations for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is slated for a significant boost with at least one model featuring a new look. More importantly, Apple is working on groundbreaking health features, including hypertension and sleep apnea detection. These additions are expected to elevate the appeal of the Apple Watch and drive sales through meaningful health-focused marketing.

Anticipating the Vision Pro Launch

The Vision Pro, Apple's most extensive wearable yet, is set to captivate consumers in 2024. Despite potential revenue challenges, Apple believes in the product's long-term success, drawing parallels to the evolution of the Apple Watch. Beta testing and employee training indicate an imminent release, with a focus on spatial video capabilities.

iOS Updates and Security Measures

The forthcoming iOS 17.3 beta introduces a crucial security feature – Stolen Device Protection. This feature limits access to key features in the event of an iPhone theft, emphasizing Apple's commitment to user security. The update aligns with the company's ongoing efforts to enhance device protection and user privacy.

App Store Wars and Consumer Sentiment

Apple faces challenges in the ongoing battle over app store policies. The recent verdict in the Epic Games lawsuits sheds light on consumer sentiment regarding big tech companies' control over app marketplaces. As consumers demand changes, both Apple and Google's app stores are poised for significant revisions. 2024 could bring relevant changes in Apple Sore's policies.

Looking Ahead: CES 2024 and Beyond

As CES 2024 approaches, Apple enthusiasts anticipate updates on the Vision Pro's integration with iPad apps and the potential development of interfaces tailored for visionOS. Additionally, questions arise about recent executive departures and the reasoning behind the shutdown of standalone apps for downloading movies and shows on Apple TV and iOS.

In 2024, Apple's strategic shift towards wearables presents a dynamic landscape, inviting both excitement and curiosity from consumers and industry observers alike. As the company navigates this new direction, the evolution of Vision Pro, AirPods, and Apple Watch will undoubtedly shape the future of Apple's product ecosystem.




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