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Capcom Rolls Out First Update for Dragon's Dogma 2: Enhanced Features and Quality Improvements Arrive

Capcom addresses player feedback and enhances gameplay experience with the latest patch for Dragon's Dogma 2, introducing key features and optimizations.

NEWS  Games  March 29, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Capcom has unveiled the first significant update for its latest installment, Dragon's Dogma 2. This update, while not adding new content per se, focuses on implementing crucial changes and enhancements based on community feedback received since the game's release. Addressing various aspects ranging from save mechanics to graphical optimizations, the patch aims to refine the gaming experience for players across different platforms.


One of the standout features introduced in this update is the long-awaited ability to initiate a new game while retaining existing save data—a functionality highly requested by the player community. This addition streamlines the process of restarting campaigns without the need to overwrite previous progress. However, it's important to note that this update doesn't expand the number of available save slots.

Furthermore, players will notice adjustments in the game's progression, particularly concerning the acquisition of housing options. The update enables players to purchase a home earlier in the campaign, potentially influencing quests like "A Place to Call Home", which commences in Vernworth, a pivotal settlement in the game world. Additionally, console players can now exercise greater control over their graphical settings, with options to toggle features such as Ray Tracing and Motion Blur, along with the ability to lock the frame rate.


Although Capcom advises against expecting significant framerate improvements solely through these adjustments, the developer assures players of ongoing optimization efforts for future updates.

The comprehensive patch notes detail various improvements across different platforms, including PlayStation5 and Steam. Notable enhancements include an increase in the availability of certain in-game items, adjustments to graphical settings, and fixes for text display issues and bugs. Specifically tailored enhancements for each platform, such as the addition of Motion Blur and Ray Tracing toggles for PlayStation5 and quality improvements for DLSS SUPER RESOLUTION on Steam, highlight Capcom's commitment to optimizing the game's performance across diverse gaming environments.

While the update has already commenced distribution for PC (Steam) and PlayStation®5 users, Capcom acknowledges a slight delay for Xbox Series X|S players. However, reassurance is provided that the update is imminent and is expected to reach Xbox consoles in the coming days, ensuring parity in gameplay improvements across all platforms.





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