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Exploring the Culinary Art of Sequencing with Floating Knobs Cuisine

Berlin's Latest Hardware Sequencer Transforms Your Eurorack System into a Groovebox

NEWS  Musical Instruments  January 2, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Berlin-based company Floating Knobs has recently unveiled its latest creation, the Cuisine hardware sequencer, promising a delightful musical experience for enthusiasts in the electronic music realm. In this article, we will delve into the features, design, and functionality of Cuisine, exploring how it stands out in the ever-evolving landscape of modular synthesis.

One-Hand Operation and Vintage Aesthetics

Cuisine boasts a one-hand operation design facilitated by a large endless potentiometer and vintage-style black buttons. The aesthetic resemblance to the Erica Synths drum sequencer adds a touch of nostalgia, creating an appealing visual identity for this innovative hardware.

Technical Marvel and Open-Source Flexibility

Technically, the Cuisine sequencer is a powerhouse, offering the ability to sequence three main elements: notes, drums, and modulation. Built around an Atmega 4809 microcontroller, the hardware's open-source nature opens doors to alternative firmware possibilities, providing a platform for creative exploration.

Versatile Sequencing Capabilities

With 12 tracks, each supporting up to 64 steps with independent lengths, Cuisine empowers users to create intricate polyrhythmic sequences. The sequencer provides 8 patterns per track and 16 banks for pattern storage, coupled with user-customizable scales, transposition options, an Euclidean rhythm generator, and various play modes.

Expressive Control and Performance Features

The sequencer offers extensive control features, including individual gate length per step, velocity control, and a dedicated drum track with full-range velocity per step. The override/performance mode turns tracks into sequenced arpeggiators, enhancing live performances with dynamic sequencing possibilities.

Connectivity Galore

Cuisine's front panel features freely assignable inputs and outputs, with four CV outputs, eight gate/trigger outputs, and four gate inputs. MIDI TRS input and output facilitate external gear sequencing via MIDI, providing a versatile solution for integration with other instruments. A USB-C port on the back handles power and firmware updates, ensuring the device stays current with evolving capabilities.

Standalone Convenience and Future Prospects

The option to use Cuisine as a standalone unit adds practicality, allowing users to conserve Eurorack space for additional modules. Excitingly, Floating Knobs has hinted at upcoming modules, such as a quad wavetable oscillator and quad LFO, promising an expanding ecosystem for modular enthusiasts.

Availability and Pre-Order Information

Floating Knobs Cuisine is currently available for pre-order at €450, with shipping slated to begin in mid-January 2024. The anticipation surrounding this intriguing sequencer suggests a promising addition to the world of modular synthesis.

In conclusion, Floating Knobs Cuisine appears to be a well-crafted and versatile hardware sequencer that caters to the needs of electronic music creators. Its combination of expressive control, technical prowess, and future expansion possibilities positions it as a compelling choice for those seeking innovative solutions in modular synthesis. For more information visit Floating Knobs official site




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