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Google Enhances Smart Home Control Across Pixel Devices

New Google Home Features Now Available on Pixel Smartphones and Pixel Watches

NEWS  Google  June 1, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Google has introduced a suite of new Google Home-related features to its Pixel smartphones and Pixel Watch smartwatches, making it simpler for users to manage their smart home devices directly from their screens. These enhancements, which are also available on other Android smartphones, aim to reduce the need for users to delve into the Google Home app for basic smart home functionalities.


Expanded Widget Functionality

The latest update to the Google Home app includes a new widget for Android devices. This widget provides an overview control of user-defined smart home devices and is available in multiple sizes. Users can now activate a camera's live feed or interact with smart bulbs directly from their home screen, bypassing the need to open the Google Home app or access the Device Controls quick settings menu.

Enhanced Device Information Display

The updated Google Home app now offers more detailed information about certain smart home devices. For example, users can view the battery level of an air purifier directly within the app. This consolidation of information from various manufacturer apps into the Google Home app reduces the necessity of switching between multiple third-party apps to manage different smart home devices.

Pixel Watch 2 Improvements

In addition to smartphone enhancements, Google has also improved smart home control features on the Pixel Watch 2.

  The watch now includes additional watch face complications for controlling smart home devices directly from the watch face. Moreover, the Google Home Tile for Wear OS has been updated to offer more control options, enhancing the overall user experience.


Ring Video Doorbell Integration

A significant update for the Pixel Tablet includes the addition of proper Ring Video Doorbell video feed support.

Previously, while users could view the doorbell's camera feed through the Google Home app, the Pixel Tablet lacked two-way talk and quick response functionalities, which are standard on Nest products. This update, currently available through Google's Preview Program, brings these features to the Pixel Tablet, providing notifications and improved interaction capabilities.




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