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Google Rolls Out Firmware Update for Pixel Watch 2 LTE

Pixel Watch 2's Update Could Follow Soon

NEWS  Smartwatch  November 8, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

The Pixel Watch 2 LTE, created by Google, has garnered positive feedback since its debut, largely due to its outstanding software experience, and it unquestionably stands as one of the superior choices in the realm of Wear OS devices. Presently, the Pixel Watch 2's capabilities are poised to improve further as it receives its initial firmware update.

A Google Product Manager unveiled this update through the Pixel Watch help forums today. It's crucial to note that the update rollout is exclusive to the LTE model of the Pixel Watch 2.

The fresh firmware iteration bears the identifier TWD9.231005.005.B3, though specific details regarding its exact contents have not been divulged by Google. Presumably, this update incorporates the November 2023 security patches for Wear OS. Nevertheless, ambiguities prevail due to issues afflicting Google's Security Bulletin pages. The Wear OS Security Bulletin seems to be malfunctioning, and updates for Pixel Watch-specific Security Bulletins have not been forthcoming since September.

For Pixel Watch 2 LTE users eager to apply the update, the process is initiated by navigating to the Settings application on their watch and subsequently proceeding to System → System updates. Although multiple attempts may be necessary, tapping the watch icon located atop the page facilitates a smoother refresh for the update process.

The update's primary aim is to augment the watch's performance and, hopefully, rectify any issues encountered by users. Google assures users that, for the majority, the Pixel Watch 2's battery life should endure a minimum of 24 hours. In practice, some users have reported even more impressive longevity, often exceeding 48 hours on a single charge.

The community remains optimistic that this firmware update, alongside forthcoming Wear OS updates for the Pixel Watch 2, will enhance the existing strengths of the device and contribute to an improved user experience. As technology aficionados await further details and advancements, Google's commitment to evolving its flagship wearable gadget is unmistakable.

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