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Google's Fix for Pixel Phones Bootloop Issues

November System Update, Data Recovery and More

NEWS  Android  November 14, 2023  Reading time: ~1 minute)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In response to persistent bootloop concerns on Pixel phones running Android 14, Google has unveiled a distinctive fix, labeling it a "specialized solution". This remedy, revealed on Friday, promises to address the rebooting conundrum and offers users the opportunity to recover partial data while facilitating the reception of the official November system update.

The search giant remains tight-lipped about the specifics of the "partial data" recovery, leaving users in suspense. To initiate this process, affected users are required to connect their Pixel phones to a PC using a USB cable and follow specific instructions provided at either of two links, depending on the carrier or device model.

For AT&T users (Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 6a) and Japanese carriers (Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, Fold), the remedy can be accessed here.

Users with other devices or carriers should follow the instructions found here.

Interestingly, this specialized fix mirrors the process of the test OTA (Over-The-Air) update that Google previously offered to users who completed a form. Pixel Support is poised to proactively assist users, commencing outreach as early as Monday, November 13th, to guide them through the data recovery process. Alternatively, users can undertake the process independently.

For any lingering queries, Google encourages users to direct their questions to Pixel Support for comprehensive assistance.

For the wider Pixel user base, the Android 14 November security patch is reportedly in full swing. Users can access the update via Settings > System > System Update. This routine update promises to fully restore data for devices grappling with media storage accessibility issues, ensuring the safe resumption of multiple profiles usage.

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