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Google's Latest Pixel Support Features: Diagnostic App and Redesigned Repair Manuals

A comprehensive look at the new tools and resources for Pixel users to diagnose, repair, and maintain their devices

NEWS  Apps  December 14, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Following the release of Apple's Diagnostics Tool, Google has rolled out a set of innovative features aimed at enhancing the support experience for Pixel users. Beyond the anticipated Repair Mode introduced with Android 14 QPR1, Google is making waves with the launch of the Pixel Diagnostic App and the release of English versions of Repair Manuals.

Pixel Diagnostic App: A Peek Into Device Health

Users can now delve into the inner workings of their Pixel devices with the newly introduced Pixel Diagnostic App. Accessible by entering the code *#*#7287#*#* into the Phone dialer, this app enables users to conduct diagnostics "before and after a repair". Currently available exclusively in English, the Pixel Diagnostic App supports all Pixel phones and is accessible in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and various European countries and regions where Pixel devices are sold.

Tests within the app are categorized into Visual, Sensor, Connectivity, Camera, Audio, Screen, Others, Outer Display (for the Pixel Fold), and Defects. Users have the option to perform a comprehensive diagnostic test using the "Full Diagnose" feature, simplifying the troubleshooting process. While the tool may have existed internally, Google is now making it publicly available, providing users with greater visibility into the health of their devices.

Redesigned Repair Manuals: A Visual Guide to Device Maintenance

In a bid to empower technicians and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, Google is officially releasing redesigned Repair Manuals, now available in English after being previously offered exclusively in French. The guides offer step-by-step instructions for both assembly and disassembly of Pixel devices, as well as the removal and replacement of various parts.

The US market already has access to guides for the Pixel Fold, 8, and 8 Pro, each spanning hundreds of pages. Featuring detailed visuals, the Pixel 8 manual exceeds 200 pages, while the Pixel Fold manual extends beyond 400 pages. Google promises to continually upload repair manuals for previous and upcoming devices in the coming months, fostering a culture of self-reliance and device maintenance.

Local Repair Options: Accessibility and Convenience

Acknowledging the importance of local repair solutions, Google is making "repair fixtures and tools" available through Shyft Global Services, ensuring users have easy access to the necessary equipment. Additionally, iFixit remains the go-to source for genuine spare parts, maintaining Google's commitment to quality repairs.

With Google noting that "over 80% of people with a Pixel device are within 10-20 miles of an authorized repair center", the emphasis is on accessibility and convenience. This strategic move ensures that users have the option to choose between professional repairs and the empowerment of do-it-yourself solutions.

In conclusion, Google's recent initiatives underscore a commitment to user support and empowerment. From comprehensive diagnostics to redesigned repair manuals and accessible repair options, Pixel users now have a suite of tools at their disposal, promoting a holistic approach to device care and maintenance.


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