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Google's New Android Mascot Has a Name, and It's Not What You Think!

While CES 2024 dazzles with tech wonders, Google discreetly drops the quirky name for its revamped Android mascot

NEWS  Curiosities  January 11, 2024  Reading time: ~1 minute)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In the glitzy world of CES 2024, where gadgets shine brighter than your future and tech announcements come at you like confetti at a New Year's Eve party, Google has pulled a sneaky move. While we were busy ooh-ing and aah-ing at Google Cast support for LG TVs and wrapping our heads around sending media from Pixel to Pixel Tablet with the grace of a digital ballet, one tiny detail slipped under the radar: Android's new 3D mascot finally has a name!

Drumroll, please. The official announcement blog post, akin to a digital birth certificate, proudly declares its name as "The Bot". Not exactly the funky, anthropomorphized moniker we were expecting, but hey, it's straightforward. Imagine the design meetings where someone suggested "The Bot", and everyone just nodded in agreement, thinking, "Well, that's easy to remember."

As we tread through the neon-lit CES landscape in Las Vegas, "The Bot" is making its grand appearance on the Sphere. Picture this: a giant igloo-shaped screen showcasing our 3D friend in various avatars. Move over Hollywood, we've got "The Bot" stealing scenes in Vegas!

In the midst of this precious announcement, we can't help but wonder if "The Bot" is secretly the mastermind behind Google's grand plans. Is it the puppet master pulling the strings of innovation, or just a lovable 3D character destined to dance across our screens? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: Google's CES 2024 is turning out to be the quirkiest tech party in town, and "The Bot" is leading the conga line.




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