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End of an Era: Hobbes OS/2 Software Archive to Shut Down in April

Iconic Resource for OS/2 Enthusiasts Faces Imminent Closure, Leaving the Community Scrambling for Alternatives

NEWS  Vintage Zone  January 10, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In a disheartening announcement for OS/2 enthusiasts, the Hobbes OS/2 Archive, a longstanding repository of software dedicated to IBM's iconic but ultimately doomed operating system, is set to shutter its digital doors on April 15. The archive, managed by the Department of Information & Communication Technologies at the US New Mexico State University, has been a crucial resource for users seeking a vast array of software for the aging OS/2 platform.

The impending closure was revealed through a warning on the Hobbes OS/2 site, stating:

"After many years of service, will be decommissioned and will no longer be available."

Users are urged to download any desired files before the decommission date, as the entire archive will become inaccessible thereafter. For decades, the Hobbes OS/2 Archive has been the go-to destination for OS/2 enthusiasts seeking software tailored for IBM's historic operating system. As efforts are underway to preserve the archive, there is hope that the service may find a new home elsewhere, mitigating the potential loss for the OS/2 community.


OS/2, initially a collaboration between Microsoft and IBM, faced a tumultuous journey marked by disagreements and fierce competition with Windows 3.1. Despite its technical superiority over Windows 95, OS/2 eventually succumbed to the relentless march of progress, with Windows NT emerging victorious. IBM officially ended support for OS/2 in 2001, yet various versions of the operating system persistently linger in development.

The decision to close the Hobbes OS/2 Archive has raised questions. Speculation points towards budget constraints as a potential factor behind the closure. In response to the impending shutdown, the Hobbes OS/2 site experienced increased traffic as users rushed to download valuable files before the decommissioning date. With several months until the closure, users have ample time to explore alternative sources for their OS/2 software needs.

The sunsetting of the Hobbes OS/2 Archive marks a significant milestone in the ongoing journey of the OS/2 community. Users have taken to sharing their personal experiences, with many highlighting OS/2 as a gateway into the world of Linux. As this digital archive bids farewell, the legacy of OS/2 lives on, albeit in the memories and experiences of its dedicated user base.



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