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Huawei Release MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Chipset, 2.8K IPS Display, and Paper-Like Texture for Enhanced User Experience

NEWS  Tablet  December 15, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Huawei has introduced the MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition. This latest addition to Huawei's tablet lineup showcases a fusion of powerful hardware, innovative features, and a unique tactile experience, setting it apart in the competitive tablet market.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Powerhouse

At the core of the MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition lies the formidable Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. Boasting a 5 nm SoC architecture, this chipset integrates an Adreno 660 GPU along with ARM Cortex-X1, Cortex-A78, and Cortex-A55 CPU cores. This not only ensures seamless performance but also positions the MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition as a device capable of handling a myriad of tasks with efficiency.

Immersive 2.8K IPS Display at 144 Hz

The tablet features an impressive 11.5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 2.8K and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. This high-resolution screen promises a visually stunning experience, whether you're streaming multimedia content, working on creative projects, or simply browsing the web. The MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition sets a new standard for display quality in the tablet market.

Paper-Like Texture for a Unique User Experience

True to its name, the PaperMatte Edition distinguishes itself with a paper-like texture overlaid on the display. Huawei has incorporated unique micro-vibration and damping technologies to recreate the authentic feel of pen on paper. This feature comes to life when using Huawei's second-generation M-Pencil, providing users with a tactile experience that adds a new dimension to digital note-taking and sketching.

Familiar Features with Enhancements

While retaining key features from the standard MatePad Air, such as the 8,300 mAh battery supporting 40 W charging, quad speakers, and a dual-camera setup, the MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition introduces enhancements that elevate the overall user experience.

Availability and Pricing

Huawei has announced that the MatePad Air PaperMatte Edition will be available in the Eurozone for €649. Despite not being available for order just yet, this price tag includes a tablet with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, making it an enticing offer for users seeking ample power and storage capacity. Additionally, Huawei sweetens the deal by including a Smart Magnetic Keyboard accessory, enhancing productivity on the go.




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