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Intel's Sierra Forest Leak Sparks Speculation

Benchmarks Raise Questions Ahead of Emerald Rapids Launch.

NEWS  Computer  December 9, 2023  Reading time: ~1 minute)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In a recent leak originating from the Geekbench database, details about an upcoming Intel Xeon machine have stirred curiosity and concern among tech enthusiasts. The results are in connection to a "Genuine Intel Xeon" device labeled "Intel Corporation BeechnutCity," identified as a dual-socket reference evaluation platform for LGA 4677 with an astounding 288 cores.

The benchmark scores, however, leave much to be desired. While the machine boasts an impressive core count, the single-core score of 855 and multi-core score of 7770 are far from the expected performance. To put it in perspective, a Ryzen 7 3700 outperforms the multi-core score, raising doubts about the accuracy of the reported results.

Experts speculate that issues with the benchmark or the system itself may have skewed the results. The reported 2.2 GHz clock rate, believed to be the intended base clock, might not have been achieved, or the benchmark may have struggled with the exceptionally high core count. The discrepancy raises questions about the reliability of such benchmarks on reference platforms.

Despite concerns about the accuracy of these results, valuable insights into the upcoming Sierra Forest architecture can be gleaned. Geekbench confirms a rumored 96KB L1 cache per CPU core, a 4MB L2 cache for each E-core cluster, and an enormous 108MB L3 cache, promising improved inter-core communication.

Intel is set to launch its 5th-generation Xeon Scalable family, Emerald Rapids, on the 14th, followed by the anticipated Sierra Forest launch from the Datacenter and AI Group (DCAI) in Q1 of next year. While the leaked benchmark results may not accurately reflect the final performance of Sierra Forest, tech enthusiasts eagerly await further details surrounding these high-core-count processors.



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