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Intel Next-Gen Core Ultra Processors Are Here: Meteor Lake Lineup Boosts Power Efficiency and AI Performance

AI Everywhere Event Introduces Core Ultra CPUs with Enhanced Features, Including Split Chiplets and Neural Processing Units

NEWS  Computer  December 14, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In its recent AI Everywhere event, Intel showcased its latest technological marvels with the introduction of the Core Ultra processors, a significant leap forward in the Meteor Lake lineup. Moving away from the traditional Core "i" nomenclature, the Core Ultra processors promise improved power efficiency and performance, thanks to a novel setup that distributes tasks across various chiplets.

Powerful Performance and Efficiency

The Core Ultra 7 165H chip, a standout in the lineup, boasts an impressive 11 percent enhancement in multi-threading performance compared to rival laptop processors such as the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3, and Apple's M3 chip. Furthermore, Intel claims a remarkable 25 percent reduction in power consumption compared to the previous Intel Core i7-1370P, with a staggering 79 percent lower power than AMD's Ryzen 7 7840U, all within the same 28W envelope for ultrathin notebooks.


Neural Processing Unit Integration

All the new CPUs from Intel come equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), providing low-power AI acceleration and off-loading CPU/GPU tasks. This inclusion enables efficient handling of AI-powered applications like background blur, eye tracking, and picture framing. The integration of the NPU marks a notable advancement from Intel's previous chip generations, facilitating the seamless execution of AI models like Stable Diffusion.

Flagship: Core Ultra 9 185H

While the Core Ultra 7 165H showcased remarkable capabilities, the flagship Core Ultra 9 185H leads the pack with 16 cores and 22 threads. Featuring a blend of performance and efficient cores, along with two low-power cores residing on the "low power island," this processor promises a boost clock of up to 5.1GHz and incorporates a built-in Arc GPU with eight Xe cores running at up to 2.35GHz. The innovative Xe LPG architecture not only enhances performance at lower voltages but also introduces support for Intel's XeSS upscaling technology and ray tracing.


Beyond Processing: AI in Windows

Intel's inclusion of the NPU comes in the wake of Microsoft's deployment of the first Intel NPU in the Surface Laptop Studio 2. While Microsoft focused on immediate effects in Windows Studio, Intel lays the groundwork for broader AI features expected to unfold in the upcoming Windows versions.


Laptop Adoption and Future Prospects

Several manufacturers have swiftly adopted Intel's Core Ultra chips in their new laptop offerings. MSI, Asus, and Lenovo have already incorporated these processors into their high-end models, promising enhanced performance and AI capabilities. As the industry embraces this technology, Acer is also set to join the Core Ultra bandwagon with its Swift Go 14 and the gaming-focused Predator Triton Neo 16.

Looking Ahead

While the majority of Meteor Lake chips are launching now, the flagship Core Ultra 9 185H processor is slated for a 2024 release. As laptops equipped with the new Intel Core Ultra processors flood the market, consumers may want to hold out for the Core Ultra 9 models to experience the pinnacle of performance.


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