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Korg Announce MPS-10

Innovative MIDI Drum Pad for Precision Performance

NEWS  Musical Instruments  November 9, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Korg proudly unveils its latest innovation, the MPS-10 – a dynamic drum, percussion, and sampler pad that redefines performance instruments. Crafted by the creators of the WaveDrum and Pearl e/MERGE, the MPS-10 is engineered to meet the evolving demands of contemporary drummers and percussionists, delivering an amalgamation of unparalleled sonic capabilities and precision performance control.

This advanced instrument features six expansive drum pads and four CC pads, offering meticulous real-time control over a diverse range of instrument parameters. The device is equipped with an intuitive sampler and a four-track looper, providing musicians with a seamless creative experience.

Boasting over 3000 high-quality samples, ranging from expressive instrument tones to essential electronic hits, the MPS-10 empowers users to import custom samples from a USB flash drive and assign them to any pad. Its web-based MPS-10 Editor application facilitates kit editing on a computer, complementing the device's onboard capabilities.

The Smooth Sound Transition feature ensures uninterrupted transitions between patches, allowing decaying sounds to persist as new patches are loaded. A convenient Sound Off button enables users to mute the output on demand, enhancing flexibility during performances.

Positioned along the top edge, the CC pads exhibit unparalleled precision in detecting strike position, providing detailed control over instrument and effects parameters. This capability allows for EDM-style drum rolls and real-time transformation of sounds through manipulation of filtering and effects functions.

The MPS-10 is equipped with built-in effects, featuring master reverb and filter processors, along with two insert effects and an assignable master effects slot. Each pad allows independent toggling of effects, offering versatility in sound customization. The onboard four-track looper expedites the creation of repeating phrases, with the capability to export each track as an audio file.

Connectivity options abound, with quarter-inch TRS sockets handling the majority. Two main outputs, two sub outputs, and a dedicated headphone output cater to various audio needs. Line-level and microphone inputs facilitate sampler usage, while two trigger inputs accommodate up to four external triggers to expand the onboard pads. Support for footswitches and an expression pedal, along with MIDI output through a five-pin DIN socket, ensures compatibility with a wide range of accessories. The USB-B port facilitates seamless connectivity with computers, and the MPS-10 operates efficiently with 9V DC power from an external PSU.

In essence, the Korg MPS-10 emerges as a powerhouse in the realm of performance instruments, combining innovation, precision, and flexibility to empower drummers and percussionists in shaping their iconic performances.

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