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Notifications for Android 14's Post-System Update are Currently Rolling Out

Customized Insights for Users, a Comprehensive Tour of New Features Across Devices

NEWS  Android  January 10, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Google's Android updates often bring a wave of excitement, but for many users, understanding the full scope of enhancements can be a daunting task. To bridge this gap, Google has implemented a sophisticated solution: post-update summaries, a feature that allows device manufacturers to customize and push tailored information to users.

As Android 14 makes its way to various devices, a cascade of notifications is illuminating screens, guiding users through the latest improvements. While seasoned enthusiasts may already be well-versed in the intricacies of the update, not everyone is immersed in the world of Android news. These post-update summaries serve as an invaluable tool, ensuring that users comprehend the impact of the latest software upgrade.

The notifications, a part of Google's "Android Upgrade Party" initiative launched in 2022, offer manufacturers the ability to highlight specific features and tailor the messaging to their audience. This initiative aims to transform the sometimes underwhelming experience of a major operating system upgrade into an engaging and informative journey for users. 

Upon receiving the notification, users are greeted with a screen proclaiming that their Android device has just become better, accompanied by the option to embark on a guided tour or skip it altogether. The customization extends to the content of these tours, showcasing the unique features and improvements brought by Android 14.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra tour focuses on Google app updates introduced as part of the December feature bundle. It dives into enhancements like Google Maps sharing improvements, highlight videos in Google Photos, and animated emojis in Google Messages. Meanwhile, the Asus Zenfone 10 tour, provides a more Android-centric experience, spotlighting the new monochrome theme, sync options for health and fitness apps, improved location permission dialogs, flash notifications, the new magnification option in quick settings, and new hearing devices options.

Manufacturers can choose specific wording and remove irrelevant feature slides, offering a tailored experience for their users. While the Android Upgrade Parties weren't widely adopted in the past, Android 14 seems to be a turning point, witnessing an increased utilization of this engagement-focused approach.




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