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OnePlus 12 Camera Details and Sample Pictures

Revolutionary 3X Telephoto Zoom, Dolby Vision HDR, and Sony LYT-808 Sensor Propel OnePlus 12 to New Heights in Smartphone Photography

NEWS  Smartphones  December 7, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, OnePlus has unveiled the highly anticipated OnePlus 12, a device that promises to set new standards in smartphone photography. Building on the success of its foldable counterpart, the OnePlus Open, the OnePlus 12 boasts a remarkable camera system with several exciting upgrades.The standout feature is the 3X telephoto camera, showcasing a groundbreaking 6X zoom capability through sensor crop technology, all thanks to its impressive 64MP sensor. In a comparison with competitors like the iPhone 15 Pro and Galaxy S23/S23 Plus, both equipped with 3X zoom cameras, OnePlus takes the lead by executing the 6X sensor crop trick, leveraging its higher resolution sensor for superior detail.

OnePlus 12 sample picture

The star of the show is the main camera, powered by the new Sony LYT-808 sensor (1/1.4-inch size), with OnePlus claiming it rivals even Sony's 1-inch sensors for performance. The camera setup also includes the familiar 3X 64MP periscope telephoto shooter from the OnePlus Open, offering highly-detailed 6X zoom photos through sensor crop action. Users can even push it further with up to 120X digital zoom, though with expected quality degradation.


The ultra-wide camera seems to maintain its quality from the OnePlus 11, providing a reliable wide-angle option for users. What truly sets the OnePlus 12 apart is its full support for Dolby Vision HDR, allowing users to shoot, edit, and display content in this advanced format. While this feature may result in large file sizes, the phone's substantial 1TB UFS4.0 maximum storage capacity addresses potential concerns.

In terms of quantity, the OnePlus 12 boasts a total of four cameras – a main (wide), an ultra-wide, and a 3X telephoto camera at the back, along with a selfie camera embedded in the display. The megapixel breakdown for each camera is as follows:

  • Main (wide-angle) camera — 50MP
  • Ultra-wide snapper — 48MP
  • Telephoto lens — 64MP
  • Selfie camera — 32MP

oneplus12 sample picture

Comparing the OnePlus 12's camera specs to its sibling, the OnePlus Open, reveals similarities in most parameters and sensors. Notable differences include a slightly wider aperture, a 50MP main camera, and a 23mm focal length, suggesting potential improvements in image quality.

With these impressive camera upgrades, the OnePlus 12 positions itself as a serious contender in the smartphone photography arena. As users await hands-on experiences, the promising specifications hint at a device that could redefine expectations for mobile photography enthusiasts.




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