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OnePlus 12 Introduces Groundbreaking Haptic Technology

Outpacing Apple's TapTic, The New 'Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo' Sets New Standards for Customization and Immersion

NEWS  Smartphones  December 6, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

OnePlus, already celebrated for its impressive haptic technology in the OnePlus 11, has taken a giant leap forward with the recent unveiling of the OnePlus 12. The star of the show is the revolutionary 'Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo,' affectionately dubbed the "motor ceiling."

Despite the whimsical name, the motor ceiling is not to be underestimated, boasting unparalleled specifications in the industry. With the widest bandwidth, the largest vibration motor, fastest start-stop speed, and the latest motor magnetic circuit, OnePlus has set a new standard for haptic experiences.

The OnePlus 11 set a benchmark for Android haptics, but the OnePlus 12 has transcended even that, outpacing Apple's TapTic engine found in iPhones. The Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo excels in vibration volume, bandwidth, and start-stop speed, attributing its superior performance to the upgraded magnetic material, N54, and the latest CSA motor.

The new motor's larger size, measuring at 602mm³, contributes to the OnePlus 12's thickness at 9.15mm, making it the thickest among flagship models. This design choice is partly influenced by the substantial 5,400mAh battery, facilitating seamless integration with a diverse range of applications and games. Furthermore, users can customize vibration effects across 72 categories within the extensive range of 700+ system functionalities.

The OnePlus 12's improved haptics offer users a heightened sense of 'control.' The Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo's versatility enables OnePlus to create multiple presets, mimicking the feel of various real keyboards, including black crystal red switch, tea, green, silver, silent red, yellow switch, and more.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Gaming enthusiasts are in for a treat, as the motor elevates the gaming experience by providing a nuanced feel of a car's acceleration and the textures of uneven surfaces. First-person shooting games enthusiasts will appreciate the distinct recoil sensations of different weapons.

In conclusion, the OnePlus 12's 'Bionic Vibration Motor Turbo' represents a significant advancement in haptic technology, positioning OnePlus as a leader in delivering a more immersive and customizable user experience. As the smartphone market continues to evolve, OnePlus has set a new standard for haptics that competitors will undoubtedly be compelled to match or surpass. 




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