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AMD Radeon RX 8000 Progress Unveiled in Linux Patches

Linux LLVM Compiler Functions Offers A Hint Of Their Mid-Range Positioning

NEWS  Computer  November 23, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Among the targets of the Linux LLVM compiler, the forthcoming AMD Radeon RX 8000 video cards have taken center stage. Recent patches have introduced support for two unidentified AMD video cards, fueling speculation about their potential association with the much-anticipated 8000 series.With the RX 7000 lineup complete, the likelihood of these being part of a new GPU generation is high.

Adding to the intrigue, both of these unrevealed video cards boast the RDNA4 architecture, a strong indicator that they may find their home in AMD's Radeon RX 8000. This architectural detail raises the likelihood that these GPUs are not mere refreshes of the existing Radeon RX 7000 line, but rather cutting-edge components heralding a new generation. Significantly, these components are labeled as "dGPU", where the "d" signifies their nature as discrete video cards tailored for desktop use, distinguishing them from integrated graphics designed for laptops.

While details about these two video cards remain scarce, their treatment as RDNA3 GPUs by the Linux LLVM compiler functions offers a hint of their mid-range positioning, especially considering the reported cancellation of the Radeon RX 8900.

Anticipation mounts as the unveiling of the new AMD GPUs is slated for 2024, with an eagerly awaited launch anticipated in the second half of the following year. This timeline sets the stage for a flurry of leaks and rumors in the coming weeks as the tech community eagerly awaits insights into the capabilities and features of the upcoming Red Team video cards.

Meanwhile, in a parallel development, early details about NVIDIA's RTX 5000 have begun to surface, hinting at a simultaneous launch alongside the Radeon RX 8000. The rivalry between these two tech giants is set to intensify, promising consumers a compelling array of choices in the ever-evolving landscape of graphics processing units.




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