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Revolutionizing AI Interaction: Rabbit's R1, a Walkie-Talkie for the AI Era

Introducing Rabbit OS and the Large Action Model (LAM) - A Leap Forward in Conversational AI Technology

NEWS  AI  January 10, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In a world where virtual assistants have become commonplace on our smartphones and smart speakers, a startup called Rabbit is challenging the status quo with its revolutionary approach to AI interaction. Exhibiting at CES 2024 in Las Vegas this week, Rabbit envisions a future where conversations replace apps, and its first device, the R1, serves as a walkie-talkie for AI.

Rabbit R1 AI device

The Rabbit R1, designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, stands out with its adorable square shape and vibrant orange hue. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the R1 features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, an analog scroll wheel, two microphones, a speaker, and a "360-degree rotational eye" camera. This unique camera allows users to control its orientation, promoting privacy by only activating when summoned.

The primary mode of interaction with the R1 is through the "Push-to-Talk" button, triggering the Rabbit OS to listen actively. The device, adorned with a stylized rabbit head, swiftly responds to queries and tasks, from booking a hotel to providing a recipe for your favourite dessert. The R1's capabilities are showcased in a controlled video demo, highlighting its potential in daily tasks:


Rabbit OS

Central to Rabbit's innovation is the Large Action Model (LAM), the backbone of Rabbit OS. Founder and CEO Jesse Lyu emphasizes that LAM operates by taking actions on interfaces rather than relying on APIs or apps. It functions like an advanced macro, capable of learning and executing a wide range of tasks that involve user interfaces.

In a compelling demonstration, Lyu showcases how the R1 can be trained to generate an image using Midjourney via Discord. By recording and replicating Lyu's actions, the Rabbit OS demonstrates its ability to repeat complex tasks when prompted.

Privacy-conscious users will appreciate the R1's rotating camera, which defaults to facing into the device as a privacy shutter. The camera activates only when directed towards a target, showcasing its versatility in real-world scenarios.

Despite the promising features, questions linger about the R1's practicality. Concerns include battery life, with the company claiming it lasts "all day," and the ease with which the average user can train the device. Nevertheless, the R1 is available for pre-order at $199, with an expected ship date in March or April.

As Rabbit introduces this innovative device, it prompts us to reconsider how we interact with AI in our daily lives. The R1's blend of design, functionality, and the cutting-edge LAM technology marks a significant step towards a new era of conversational AI. In a world saturated with virtual assistants, Rabbit's R1 stands out as a beacon of change, challenging the conventional paradigms of AI interaction. For more information and pre-orders visit Rabbit website.



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