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SAMSUNG 32" M70B Series 4K UHD USB-C Smart Monitor & Streaming TV

Your All-in-One Solution for Work, Play, and Stylish Living

DEALS  Smart TV  December 23, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In a world where technology seamlessly integrates into our daily lives, the SAMSUNG 32" M70B Series Smart Monitor & Streaming TV stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering an all-in-one solution for work, play, and stylish living. With a 25% discount at just $299.99 (normal price $399.99), now is the perfect time to elevate your screen experience.

Watch, Work, and Chat - All-in-One Convenience

Imagine having everything you need right on your screen without the hassle of connecting a separate PC. The Smart Monitor transforms your desktop into a hub of convenience, featuring built-in favorite content, productivity tools, and video call apps for a sleek and stylish desk setup. The Smart Hub UX/UI with OTT apps, TV Plus, HAS, increased brightness, and AI Upscaling enhances your viewing experience with top-notch processor apps like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO.

Smart TV Experience at Your Fingertips

Entertainment becomes effortless with a simple WiFi connection. Enjoy your favorite streaming apps in real 4K HDR, a luxury often difficult to experience on a PC environment. Samsung TV Plus offers free live content with no downloads or sign-ups, coupled with personalized content recommendations from the Universal Guide for a tailored viewing experience.

PC-Less Productivity Redefined

Say goodbye to the need for a separate PC. Browse the web, edit documents, and work on projects directly on the Smart Monitor. The new Workmode allows you to remotely access another PC, use Microsoft 365 programs, and connect to Samsung mobile devices seamlessly with Samsung DeX for a truly versatile and productive experience.

SlimFit Camera for Perfect Video Calls

The SlimFit camera with tilt functionality enables you to create the perfect angle for your video calls. Access your favorite video call apps like Google Duo directly through the monitor, with added privacy protection through the camera cover and the option to fully detach.

IoT Hub for Home Control

Transform your Smart Monitor into a control center for your home with the IoT Hub. Connect it to your SmartThings-enabled home products and manage lights, blinds, and thermostat settings directly from the monitor, creating a perfectly relaxed evening.

Multiple Voice Assistants for Seamless Control

Activate your voice assistant effortlessly with the Far Field Voice feature. Command the monitor, even at a distance, with support for both Bixby and Amazon Alexa, giving you control over your Smart Monitor with just your voice.

Mobile Connectivity with AirPlay Integration

Enjoy wireless connectivity with AirPlay integration, allowing you to connect Apple devices to the Smart Monitor for a larger screen experience. Mirror apps, documents, and websites from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with ease.

Elevate your entertainment and productivity with the SAMSUNG 32" M70B Series 4K UHD USB-C Smart Monitor & Streaming TV. Don't miss the chance to own this cutting-edge technology at a discounted price of $299.99. Upgrade your screen experience today!




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