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Samsung Unveils Next-Gen TV Lineup with Tizen OS 2024

Revolutionizing Entertainment and Connectivity with AI, Gaming, Health Integration, and Accessibility

NEWS  Smart TV  January 9, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Samsung has set the stage for a groundbreaking television experience with the unveiling of its new TV lineup, featuring a host of cutting-edge technologies. The highlight of this spectacular reveal is the integration of Tizen OS 2024, an advanced operating system that promises a seamless and personalized entertainment journey for users.

AI-Powered Personalization

Tizen OS 2024 takes center stage with its AI-driven approach to content delivery. The operating system leverages Samsung Account ID to offer personalized content recommendations tailored to each family member's viewing preferences. The updated Samsung TV Plus, the company's free streaming service, introduces a redesigned user interface, enhancing content discovery and connecting seamlessly to Samsung Account ID for targeted recommendations.

Design by Samsung Gaming Hub

Revolutionizing Gaming with 'Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub'

Samsung introduces the 'Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub' partner accessory certification program, featuring the first accessory, PDP Replay Midnight Blue. This wireless gaming controller, with Xbox Controller-like layout, boasts impressive features like a 40-hour battery life, 30-feet Bluetooth LE wireless connection, and USB Type-C charging. Game Bar 4.0 enhances the gaming experience by displaying essential metrics, and AI Auto Setting adapts picture quality based on game genre. Personalized gaming recommendations are synced with users' Samsung Account ID.

Samsung Health

Enhanced Health Integration

Tizen OS 2024 brings an improved integration of Samsung Health through Samsung Daily+, offering more fitness content and the innovative Workout Tracker. This feature displays live exercise data from a user's Galaxy Watch on the TV, keeping users engaged and informed during their workouts. High-quality workout videos from FlexIt, F45, and TechnoGym add diversity to the fitness content available.

Innovative Features for Pet Owners and Accessibility

The inclusion of Dr.Tail integration allows users to engage in real-time video consultations with veterinary doctors for their pets. Tizen OS 2024 introduces three new accessibility features - Audio Subtitle, Relumino Together Mode, and Remote For Barrier Free. Audio Subtitle utilizes AI and OCR to read built-in subtitles in real-time, while Relumino Together Mode enhances content visibility for people with low vision.

Immersive Entertainment and Lifestyle Features

For lifestyle TVs like The Frame TV, Tizen OS 2024 introduces a variable refresh rate when displaying art pieces, reducing energy consumption costs by 10%. Q-Symphony, in its 2024 version, enables pairing with multiple wireless speakers and soundbars for a more immersive audio experience, a notable improvement over the previous version.

Samsung's new TV lineup, powered by Tizen OS 2024, marks a significant leap in television technology. From AI-driven personalization to groundbreaking gaming features and enhanced health integration, the innovative functionalities cater to a diverse range of user needs. 



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