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Stone Deaf Unveils Rise & Shine Guitar FX Pedal

A Versatile Octave Fuzz with Dynamic Tremolo

NEWS  Music Production  December 10, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Stone Deaf FX, renowned for pushing the boundaries of guitar effects, introduces their latest creation – the Rise & Shine pedal. This innovative pedal seamlessly combines the timeless octave-up fuzz effect with a dynamic octapulse tremolo, promising a sonic adventure for musicians across genres, from Blues enthusiasts to Metal virtuosos.

Tonal Mastery Made Simple

Despite its extensive tonal capabilities, Rise & Shine boasts a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls. The Fuzz dial dictates saturation levels, while the Tone knob manipulates high- and low-pass filters. The Voice switch offers two distinct tonal voicings, and the Mix control blends processed and unprocessed signals. The Volume control sets the overall output level, interacting harmoniously with the Mix and Fuzz knobs.

Mode Versatility

A Mode button elevates versatility, allowing users to cycle through five operation modes, each indicated by a unique color:

  • Orange: Standard Mode
  • Green: Momentary Octave Mode
  • Cyan: Momentary Bypass Mode
  • Magenta: Standard Division Mode
  • White: Custom Division Mode

These modes influence how the octave effect behaves, offering a spectrum of sonic possibilities.

Flexible Operation

In Standard Mode, engage or bypass the effect using the Octave footswitch. Momentary settings allow on-the-fly engagement or bypass while the footswitch is held down. Division modes introduce various tremolo effects, with adjustable rates through the Voice switch or external tap tempo/expression pedal connectivity.

Connectivity and Power

The pedal features standard quarter-inch TS input and output sockets, with an additional quarter-inch TRS for expression or remote tap tempo pedals. Power is supplied via a 9V DC input with a 2.1mm center-negative socket, requiring a minimum current of 100mA.

Pricing & Availability

Rise & Shine is available for pre-order at £220 excluding VAT on Stone Deaf FX's website. Anticipated to start shipping in January 2024, this pedal is poised to captivate musicians seeking a harmonious blend of vintage fuzz and dynamic tremolo in one compact powerhouse.

For more information and to secure your unit, visit Stone Deaf FX - Rise & Shine.

Prepare to elevate your sound with Rise & Shine – where classic meets cutting-edge in the world of guitar effects.




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