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Tesla Cybertruck Faces Roadblocks in Germany

Safety Concerns, Regulatory Hurdles, and the Battle Between Innovation and Road Safety

NEWS  Electric Vehicles  December 17, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Barend Wolf, head of the Vehicle Technology division at the German Road Safety Council, has thrust the Tesla Cybertruck into the spotlight, making waves in Germany's automotive industry and beyond. Wolf's announcement of the closure of German roads to the innovative electric pick-up has sparked a contentious debate, potentially positioning him as Elon Musk's next adversary.

In a recent statement to the Speigel, Wolf expressed serious reservations about the Tesla Cybertruck, asserting that

"In its current form and without major modifications, it cannot be registered in Germany."

The core concerns revolve around doubts regarding the Cybertruck's compliance with European safety standards, particularly those pertaining to pedestrian protection and EU regulations.

While this declaration has left some German customers who eagerly pre-ordered the vehicle in despair, it has garnered widespread support from the majority of public opinion. A burgeoning movement opposing the American pick-up's arrival in Germany is gaining traction, fueled by concerns for road safety and adherence to regulatory standards.

The crux of Wolf's argument and the prevailing sentiment in Germany hinge on the distinctive features that have made the Cybertruck a global sensation. While its eco-friendly attributes align with the nation's growing environmental consciousness, the perceived compromise on road safety is a contentious point. Critics argue that sacrificing safety for the sake of climate protection is an untenable trade-off.

A focal point of the anti-Cybertruck sentiment centers on the vehicle's rigid edges, deemed a potential hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, and occupants of traditional cars. The celebrated rigid body and intentional lack of controlled deformation, championed by Elon Musk, are cited as problematic elements in potential collisions. Additionally, the Cybertruck's elevated front profile presents challenges in adopting protective measures for vulnerable road users and obstructs the visibility of smaller individuals, children, and cyclists.

As the controversy unfolds, the German public's concerns could extend beyond national borders. Given Germany's significant influence in the European automotive landscape, the risk looms that the Tesla Cybertruck might face roadblocks on all European roads, as we reported previously in our featured article. Whether Elon Musk will address these safety concerns with substantial modifications remains uncertain, but for now, the clash between innovation and safety takes center stage in the German automotive arena.




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