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Tesla Launches Upgraded Model 3 Highland in North America with Refreshed Design and Enhanced Features

Electric automaker brings the new Model 3 Highland to North American markets, offering a sleek design, advanced interior features, and improved efficiency

NEWS  Electric Vehicles  January 10, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Tesla has officially introduced the upgraded Model 3 Highland to the North American market, inviting customers to place orders for deliveries within the upcoming month. This comes after the successful launch of the Model 3 variant in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific last summer. The new version, codenamed Highland, boasts a refreshed design, a cutting-edge backseat screen, ambient lighting, and various other enhancements.

Distribution and Production Details

Initially, the Model 3 Highland was exclusively manufactured at Gigafactory Shanghai and distributed across Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. However, Tesla remained tight-lipped about its plans for the North American market, where the older version continued to dominate sales.

Today, Tesla has finally unveiled its plans for North America, referring to the upgraded Model 3 as it starts accepting orders for deliveries scheduled in January-February.

Changes in Model Availability and Pricing

Similar to the European launch, Tesla is exclusively offering the rear-wheel-drive and dual-motor versions of the upgraded Model 3 in North America. Notably, the Performance version is temporarily unavailable. Despite the enhancements, the pricing for these models has remained consistent with previous iterations.

Performance and Range Updates

While the range for the rear-wheel-drive version remains unchanged, Tesla has surprised enthusiasts by reducing the top speed from 140 mph to 125 mph. Despite this adjustment, the acceleration time remains the same.

Although the European version displayed increased efficiency and extended range based on calculation, the US release does not seem to reflect these improvements, except for the Dual Motor version, which gains an additional 8 miles of range.

Interior Enhancements

One of the highlights of the upgraded Model 3 is its redesigned interior. Tesla promises an all-new interior with a sleek, minimalist styling, providing a premium look and feel. The cabin is now quieter than ever, thanks to wrap-around acoustic glass, and features new elements like ambient lighting and ventilated seats.

Tesla's launch of the upgraded Model 3 Highland in North America offers customers in the region access to the latest in electric vehicle technology. With its refreshed design, advanced features, and commitment to sustainability, the Model 3 continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing the automotive industry. 




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