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The Evolution of Google Assistant: Feature Removals and the Rise of Bard

Navigating the Changes and Embracing the Future of Voice-Activated Assistance

NEWS  Google  January 12, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Google revealed a significant overhaul of Google Assistant, streamlining its features by removing 18 functionalities that were deemed less frequently used. While this move aims to simplify the user experience, it also signals a strategic shift toward the integration of Google Assistant with Bard, unveiled last year. 

Features Bid Farewell: A Comprehensive Look

  1. Mic Icon on Pixel Home Screen: The iconic microphone icon on Pixel devices will no longer trigger Google Assistant but initiate a web search, altering the familiar interaction for Pixel users.
  2. Audiobook Control: Voice commands for playing or controlling audiobooks from Google Play Books are deprecated. Audiophiles can still cast audio from audiobooks via their mobile devices.
  3. Media as Alarm Audio: Setting media, music, or radio as alarm audio on Google Assistant-enabled devices will be discontinued. Users can replicate this functionality using custom Routines.
  4. Cookbook Management: Google Assistant bids adieu to cookbook management, prohibiting the transfer of recipes between devices or playing instructional recipe videos. Cooking enthusiasts must seek alternative methods.
  5. Stopwatch Control: Managing a stopwatch on smart displays and speakers using Google Assistant will no longer be supported, requiring users to manually handle timekeeping tasks.
  6. Voice Broadcasting: The ability to call a device or broadcast messages to a Google Family Group via voice commands is eliminated. Broadcasting is now limited to compatible devices within the home.
  7. Communication Commands: Sending audio, email, or video messages via voice commands is no longer possible. Users can still make calls or send text messages using their voice.
  8. Calendar Rescheduling: The convenience of rescheduling events in Google Calendar using voice commands is revoked, necessitating manual adjustments.

Google Bard will replace google assistant

Embracing the Future with Bard Integration

While Google trims features, the introduction of Bard to Google Assistant brings a new era of voice-activated assistance. Initially available on Pixel smartphones, Bard will soon extend its reach to Samsung's Galaxy S23 and the forthcoming Galaxy S24 series. The move signifies a broader partnership between Google and Samsung, with the latter enhancing its devices through the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update, introducing numerous features and optimizations.

Adapting to Change

As Google Assistant undergoes a transformation, users are urged to adapt to the changes and explore the evolving capabilities of Bard. It remains to be seen how users will respond to these changes and what additional features Bard integration will bring to the realm of voice-activated assistance, now that all the useful ones have been cut out for no apparent reason(s) at all...



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