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"The Rogue Prince of Persia" Allegedly to Be Announced on April 10

Insider Insights and Speculations on Ubisoft's Upcoming Prince of Persia Game

NEWS  Games  April 9, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Recent revelations from prominent gaming insider Tom Henderson have shed light on what fans can expect from the upcoming title, tantalizingly dubbed "The Rogue Prince of Persia". With the game reportedly set to be announced on April 10 at the Triple-i Initiative Game Show, anticipation is reaching fever pitch.


Tom Henderson, renowned for his accurate leaks in the past, has once again provided a glimpse into the realm of gaming secrets. According to his article on Insider Gaming, the new Prince of Persia game is slated to be developed by Evil Empire, the creative minds behind the acclaimed roguelite hit, Dead Cells.


Building upon their success in the genre, Evil Empire's venture into the world of Prince of Persia promises to deliver a fresh and innovative gaming experience.

The choice to embrace the roguelite format seems fitting, considering Evil Empire's expertise in the genre. Dubbed "The Rogue Prince of Persia", the game is expected to offer a dynamic and unpredictable adventure, where each playthrough presents new challenges and opportunities.


Drawing inspiration from Franco-Belgian comics, the visual style of the game is poised to captivate players with its distinct aesthetic.

Reports indicate that Evil Empire has been diligently crafting "The Rogue Prince of Persia" for the past four years, hinting at a labor of love that is sure to resonate with fans of the franchise. However, rather than opting for a traditional release, the game is set to debut as an Early Access title on Steam. This decision underscores the developers' commitment to fostering a collaborative relationship with the community, as players will have the opportunity to provide feedback and shape the game's evolution through regular updates.

While official details regarding the game's release remain scarce, Tom Henderson's latest update suggests that eager fans can expect an official announcement on April 10 at the Triple-i Initiative Game Show. As the countdown to the unveiling begins, anticipation continues to mount, signaling a promising new chapter for the iconic Prince of Persia franchise.





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