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Uninstalling Microsoft Edge Made Easier for EU Residents

A New Chapter for Windows Users in Europe: Breaking Free from Microsoft Edge Constraints

NEWS  Windows  December 22, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Microsoft's Edge browser, a staple in Windows 10 and 11, has long been a point of contention for users who prefer alternatives. In a surprising move, Microsoft has announced a significant change—Windows 10 and 11 users in the European Union (EU) can now uninstall the Edge browser. However, for those outside the EU, the process remains complex, involving adjustments to regional settings that might deter less experienced users.

The solution comes in the form of MSEdgeRedirect, a third-party app designed to address Edge-related issues in Windows. The recent update, version, introduces a dedicated "Europe Mode", providing EU users with a streamlined method to uninstall Edge without delving into the intricacies of the operating system.


The standout feature of Europe Mode is its ability to alter the device region to one of the supported EU countries where uninstalling Edge doesn't require navigating through the system internals. This mode not only simplifies the uninstallation process but also grants users additional freedoms, including the ability to disable web search, third-party search providers, Narrator scripting extensions, and more.

Developers assure users that modifications made by MSEdgeRedirect are resilient to Windows updates, serving as a permanent solution. A future update promises an alternative method, involving changes to ownership and system files, enabling users worldwide to uninstall Edge with ease while keeping their regional settings intact.

The bug fixes introduced in version enhance the overall user experience and functionality of MSEdgeRedirect. Notable improvements include the addition of a Stock Decoder, an enhanced installer UX flow, and the removal of leftover legacy files. The update also brings support for rounded corners, custom search URLs, and locale support for various services like and

MSEdgeRedirect's commitment to user satisfaction is evident in the meticulous bug fixes, addressing issues such as Edge not closing, recursion failure logging, and improvements in handling command line parameters. Users can now download MSEdgeRedirect from its GitHub repository, taking control of their browsing experience and making the uninstallation of Microsoft Edge a more user-friendly process.



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