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Wehead: The High-Tech Headache You Never Knew You Needed

Talking With a Fake Head: Because Talking to Real People is Overrated Anyway

NEWS  Curiosities  January 6, 2024  Reading time: 3 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In the grand tradition of "because we can", Zero Distance has unleashed Wehead upon the unsuspecting world – a spatial video device that transforms your virtual conversations into a bizarre sitcom of personalities. Move over, real friends; Wehead introduces you to characters like "Bro" and the slightly sinister "Luna", ensuring your conversations are never dull, and your sanity is constantly in question.

The Price of Virtual Friendship

For the low, low cost of $4,950, or the equivalent of a small car payment at $199 per month, you can now have your very own Wehead GPT edition. Because who needs real human connections when you can have a digital friend that's about the same size as your head? Plus, it comes with the added bonus of potentially replacing that expensive therapy bill. You can thank us later.


Thought Partner or Thought Parody?

Described as a "thought partner" by Zero Distance, Wehead claims to ask guiding questions and pay attention to what you say. Finally, someone who listens! Of course, this someone is an AI-powered device that looks like it escaped from a sci-fi movie. But hey, who needs human interaction when you can chat with a machine that won't judge you for eating that entire pizza by yourself?

From 3D Video Calls to 3D Comedy Shows

Originally, Wehead aimed to enhance the real-life feel of video conferencing, allowing remote individuals to magically appear in meeting rooms or offices. Because who doesn't want a holographic colleague popping up in their living room unannounced? But alas, the dream of a 3D office invasion has taken a back seat, and Wehead is now your personal AI stand-up comedian.

Ilia Sedoshkin's Vision: A Comedy of Errors

Ilia Sedoshkin, the visionary behind this technological rollercoaster, envisions Wehead as an opportunity for tech enthusiasts to touch and experience the future. Well, congratulations, Ilia, you've certainly given us a touch of the unexpected. With Wehead, the workplace is no longer just for meetings; it's a stage for surprising transformations and unintentional comedic relief.

Funding the Future of Folly

In a plot twist that even Wehead didn't see coming, the company plans to raise funds for further development. The big idea? An affordable avatar system for spatial full-body presence in remote locations. Because why not bring your digital entourage everywhere you go? Move over, social distancing; it's time for spatial full-body presence distancing.

The Wehead Pivot: From 3D Dreams to AI Nightmares

However, in a tragic turn of events, Wehead's original vision has crumbled like a Jenga tower in an earthquake. Instead of invading offices, it's now invading your sanity as an AI ChatGPT device. Businesses and developers are invited to join the chaos as "early adopters", experiencing the madness firsthand for three months at no cost. It's a deal almost as questionable as the sanity of the Wehead itself.

So there you have it, folks – Wehead, the tech marvel that proves you can put a price on virtual insanity. If you've ever felt the need to engage in a conversation with an AI that looks like a prop from a sci-fi film, now's your chance. Welcome to the future, where reality is optional, and your virtual friends might just be a little too real for comfort.



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