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Xiaomi Launches M2319E1 Earbuds: Innovative Anti-Crosstalk Technology

A New Era of Open Earbuds with Superior Features and Durability

NEWS  Earphones  June 10, 2024  Reading time: ~1 minute)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Xiaomi has recently unveiled its latest offering in the wireless earbud market—the M2319E1. These innovative earbuds are now available for direct import, featuring a groundbreaking technology: anti-crosstalk waves. This feature ensures that words spoken by conversation partners remain private, preventing eavesdropping by nearby individuals.


Unlike traditional in-ear earbuds, the M2319E1 are designed to be hooked into the ear rather than relying on contact pressure for stability. This design includes an adjustable shape and an arm made from nickel-titanium alloy, ensuring long-term durability even after thousands of adjustments.

The M2319E1 boasts a 10-millimeter driver, promising high sound quality. Connectivity is achieved through Bluetooth 5.3, supporting AAC, SBC, and LHDC codecs to minimize compression and preserve audio fidelity.

Additionally, the earbuds have received IP54 certification, making them suitable for use in both dusty and damp environments.

Equipped with two built-in microphones, the M2319E1 is designed to eliminate ambient noise during phone calls, enhancing clarity for the other party. The earbuds offer an impressive battery life of up to 7.5 hours of music playback, which can be extended to 38.5 hours with the included charging case.

The M2319E1 earbuds are priced at $159.99 on Banggood. Import fees are included in the price. However, potential buyers should note that warranty claims might be challenging to enforce, as this is a direct import of a Chinese product.





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