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Zepp Flow 1.4: Enhanced Features and Expanded Availability for Amazfit Smartwatches

New Update Brings Improved User Experience and Broader Support

NEWS  Smartwatch  May 31, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Amazfit has announced the upcoming release of Zepp Flow 1.4, a significant update for its natural language voice assistant, designed to enhance user experience with new features and expanded availability. The update will soon roll out to various Amazfit smartwatches, integrating user feedback and supporting more models and regions.


Expanded Language and Regional Support

Initially launched in English with ZeppOS 3.5 earlier this year, Zepp Flow has gradually introduced support for German, French, Italian, and Spanish since late April. With version 1.4, Amazfit is further expanding its reach to users in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions, although this rollout will exclude customers in Japan, Korea, and Brazil.

Broader Device Compatibility

Zepp Flow 1.4 will be available on a wider range of Amazfit smartwatch models, including the Cheetah Pro, Cheetah Round, Cheetah Square, T-Rex Ultra, and Falcon. This broad compatibility ensures that more users can benefit from the enhanced features and improvements offered by the latest update.

Enhanced Notification Replies

A key highlight of Zepp Flow 1.4 is the improved notification reply functionality for Android users. By long-pressing the physical button on their device, users can now dictate and send message replies through the assistant. This streamlined process includes the ability to review the dictated text before sending, ensuring accuracy and convenience.


Improved Bluetooth Calling

The update also simplifies the process of making Bluetooth calls on many models, such as the Cheetah Pro. For T-Rex Ultra and Falcon smartwatch users, this feature requires Bluetooth headphones to be connected. Users can wake Zepp Flow with a press of the physical button and dictate the number they wish to dial, making hands-free calling more accessible and efficient.

Health and Activity Notifications

Zepp Flow 1.4 introduces enhanced control over various health and activity notifications. Users can now manage alerts for low oxygen levels and stress relief reminders directly through the assistant, promoting better health management and awareness.


Amazfit continues to refine and expand its voice assistant capabilities with Zepp Flow 1.4, making it more accessible and functional for a broader audience. The updates are expected to roll out to Amazfit smartwatches within the next month, promising an improved and more versatile user experience.




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