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Deliver Us The Moon Finally Lands on Nintendo Switch

Long-Awaited Port to Launch July 16th, Playable Only in Docked Mode

NEWS  Games  June 25, 2024  Reading time: ~1 minute)

mdo Max (RS editor)

The highly anticipated port of Deliver Us The Moon is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch, after years of speculation and delays. Originally released in 2018 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5, the game had plans to launch on the Switch in 2020, but those plans were scrapped. Now, Keoken Interactive and Wired Productions have announced through a new trailer that the game will be available on the Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED on July 16th.

  Despite the excitement surrounding the release, there are some limitations due to the hardware capabilities of the Switch. Players will need to keep their consoles in docked mode to play, as the game won't be supported in handheld mode. This is a notable adjustment but ensures the experience remains consistent with other platforms. 

The port will be priced at $24.99, the same as the other versions, and all proceeds from this release will fund the development of the next entry in the series, Deliver Us Home.

This approach underscores the developers' commitment to expanding the universe of Deliver Us The Moon and providing fans with new and engaging content.

In addition to Deliver Us The Moon, there are rumors of other exciting titles in development for the Switch, including new entries in the Zelda and Mario franchises. This adds to the growing anticipation for what the future holds for Nintendo's versatile console. 





Written by Berk8 on June 25, 2024
It was about time! 😂

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