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Rabbit R1: Perplexity Takes Center Stage in the AI Revolution

San Francisco Startup Perplexity Powers Rabbit R1 with Cutting-Edge AI

NEWS  AI  January 19, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

The recent launch of the Rabbit R1 at CES left tech enthusiasts and consumers alike with a plethora of unanswered questions. Today, the brand has finally lifted the veil on the mysterious engine driving the device's interactions with users. The revelation points to Perplexity, a San Francisco-based startup with grand ambitions to dethrone giants like Google in the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence. Notably, Perplexity has already garnered significant investments from renowned entities, including NVIDIA and Jeff Bezos.

perplexity search engine

At the heart of this collaboration, Perplexity will be the driving force behind delivering up-to-date search results via Rabbit's distinctive $199 orange device — a gadget that aims to redefine the way we engage with technology. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect is that Rabbit R1 users won't need any subscription for this service. However, as an added incentive, the first 100,000 R1 buyers will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Perplexity Pro, a premium service typically valued at $200.

Perplexity Pro not only ensures access to cutting-edge search capabilities but also unlocks additional features. Users can enjoy file upload support, a daily quota of over 300 complex queries, and the flexibility to switch between various AI models such as GPT-4, Claude 2.1, or Gemini. While these advanced capabilities might extend beyond the immediate needs of the Rabbit R1, they showcase the versatility and future-proofing embedded in this innovative AI collaboration.

Rabbit R1

Designed by the creative minds at Teenage Engineering, the Rabbit R1 boasts a sleek 2.88-inch touchscreen, a convenient scroll wheel, two microphones, a speaker, a rotational camera, and a distinctive "Push-to-Talk" button. Leveraging its Large Action Model (LAM), this dedicated gadget is capable of an array of tasks, from booking rides to finding recipes based on available ingredients, identifying people and objects (including items in your refrigerator), and even performing fact-checking duties — a function that now relies on Perplexity's real-time search engine.

Enthusiasts and early adopters can secure their Rabbit R1 by placing a pre-order now, with shipments scheduled for March or April. The collaboration between Rabbit and Perplexity not only promises a revolution in the way we interact with technology but also sets the stage for a dynamic future in the AI space.



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