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SPL Introduces Upgraded Vitalizer Mk3-T and MixDream XP Mk2

Enhancements in Sound and Design Take Two Analog Outboard Designs to New Heights

NEWS  Music Production  January 4, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

SPL unveils upgraded versions of two of its highly acclaimed analogue outboard designs - the Vitalizer Mk3-T enhancer and MixDream XP Mk2 summing mixer. With both devices receiving not only design enhancements but also a sleek black finish aligning them with the Studio series, audiophiles and professionals can expect an elevated audio experience.

Vitalizer Mk3-T: Unveiling Sonic Precision

The latest iteration of the Vitalizer, the Mk3-T, builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Mk2, introducing key improvements. The unit retains its core features, including a variable drive control, low-frequency tone and compression sections, mid-frequency processing controls, and a stereo width section. However, the internal audio voltage has been boosted to ±18V, promising a more detailed and superior sound quality.

Key Features of Vitalizer Mk3-T

  1. Increased Audio Voltage: Upgraded to ±18V for enhanced sound precision.
  2. Variable Drive Control: Adjust signal between -20 and 6 dB for optimal audio customization.
  3. LED Overload Indicator: Warns users before potential signal overload occurs.
  4. Bass Sound and Bass Comp Dials: Offering variable low-frequency tone control and a one-knob compressor for the low end.
  5. Mid-Hi Tune Control: Determines the starting frequency of a broadband shelving filter for mid-frequency enhancement.
  6. Process Control: Sets the ratio between Bass Sound/Mid-Hi Tune and original input signals.
  7. LC-EQ Knob: Controls mid- and high-frequency passive coil-capacitor network for presence and definition in the mid-range.
  8. Stereo Expander Control: Adjusts the output signal’s stereo width for a spacious audio experience.

I/O options include XLR and quarter-inch TRS connectors, ensuring versatile connectivity, and mains power is facilitated through a standard IEC inlet.

MixDream XP Mk2: Elevating Summing Mixer Excellence

The MixDream XP Mk2, a 16-input Class-A summing mixer, undergoes a design refresh while preserving its high-quality performance. With a ±30V internal operating voltage, the Mk2 promises top-notch audio processing. The addition of -18dB attenuation switches for the last four stereo channels enhances user control, providing flexibility in sound manipulation.

Key Features of MixDream XP Mk2:

  1. Design Refresh: Aesthetically upgraded with the signature black finish.
  2. 16-Input Class-A Summing Mixer: Maintains high-quality audio performance.
  3. -18dB Attenuation Switches: Enhances control for the last four stereo channels.
  4. Stereo/Mono Operation Selection: Switchable for the first four stereo channel pairs.
  5. DB25 and XLR Connectors: Ensures seamless analog connectivity.
  6. Main and Monitor Outputs: Three pairs of XLR connectors for versatile routing options.
  7. Expansion Input: Allows chaining of multiple units for expanded capabilities.
  8. Mains Power: Supported through a standard IEC inlet for convenience.

Pricing & Availability

The Vitalizer Mk3-T and MixDream XP Mk2 are available now, priced at $1099 and $1499 respectively. For more information visit SPL website.




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