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Dtronics DT-DX: A Standalone Hardware Evolution of the Dexed FM Synthesizer

Bringing the Legendary DX-7 Sound to Non-DIY Enthusiasts

NEWS  Musical Instruments  April 16, 2024  Reading time: 3 Minute(s)

The quest for that iconic DX-7 sound has been ongoing since the Yamaha DX-7's heyday. Over the years, various software emulations and DIY hardware solutions have emerged, each offering its take on this legendary sound. Among these, Dexed FM Synthesizer has stood out as a popular free plugin, faithfully replicating the DX-7's sonic capabilities. Now, Dtronics, known for its quality hardware editors, is introducing a new standalone hardware version of Dexed, named Dtronics DT-DX. Read more






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