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Unveiling Behringer's Model 15: A Moog Grandmother Clone in Eurorack Format

Exploring Behringer's Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer and its Resemblance to the Moog Classic

NEWS  Musical Instruments  June 10, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Behringer  has recently announced the impending release of its Model 15, a semi-modular analog synthesizer. Positioned as an homage to the vintage Moog Modular, the Model 15 promises to deliver classic analog sound at a fraction of the cost. However, as enthusiasts eagerly anticipate its arrival in stores, questions arise regarding its resemblance to another iconic synth: the Moog Grandmother.


The unveiling of the Model 15 sparked curiosity among synthesizer aficionados, prompting a closer examination of its features and sonic capabilities. Initial impressions suggested a striking similarity to the Moog Grandmother, leading some to speculate whether Behringer's offering was merely a clone in Eurorack format.

In a recent video by Starsky Carr, who had access to a pre-production unit, a detailed comparison between the Model 15 and the Moog Grandmother was presented. Despite minor discrepancies, the resemblance between the two synths was undeniable. While the Moog Grandmother boasts a genuine spring reverb and additional sub shapes on the second oscillator, the Model 15 mirrors these features closely, albeit with subtle differences.


Priced at a modest $299, the Model 15 presents an enticing opportunity for musicians and producers seeking vintage analog sound without breaking the bank.


However, the striking resemblance to the Moog Grandmother raises questions about the ethics of replicating existing products, particularly those still readily available on the market.

While some may applaud Behringer's efforts to resurrect vintage synthesizers at affordable price points, others argue that the focus should be on innovation and originality rather than emulation. With the Moog Grandmother already established as a revered instrument in its own right, the emergence of a near-identical alternative may stir debate within the music community.

  Ultimately, the decision to embrace or critique Behringer's Model 15 lies in individual perspectives and preferences. For those eager to explore the realm of analog synthesis without breaking the bank, the Model 15 offers a compelling entry point. However, for purists and enthusiasts loyal to the Moog brand, the allure of authenticity may outweigh the allure of affordability.




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