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Unveiling Cyma Forma's ALT: A New Frontier in Analog Synthesis

Exploring the Innovative Features of France's Latest Synthesizer Offering

NEWS  Musical Instruments  April 13, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Paris, France has long been a hub for artistic and technological innovation, and the realm of synthesizers is no exception. In the wake of recent synth news, a Paris-based company, Cyma Forma, has emerged onto the scene, promising enthusiasts a fresh perspective on analog synthesis with their inaugural creation: ALT.


ALT represents a departure from conventional synth design, immediately capturing attention with its distinctive layout. Breaking away from the standard configuration, ALT boasts a unique arrangement of sliders and knobs, inviting exploration into uncharted sonic territories. Scheduled to debut on Kickstarter in May, this intriguing synthesizer has already begun to pique the interest of synth aficionados worldwide.

At the heart of ALT's allure lies its unconventional architecture. Unlike traditional synths that often group oscillators into blocks, ALT takes a novel approach by providing five independent oscillators, each offering a wealth of waveform shaping possibilities. This design choice opens up a realm of creative potential, allowing users to delve into intricate sound sculpting with unprecedented freedom.

One of ALT's standout features is its stereo filter, drawing inspiration from the iconic Korg MS-20. With both lowpass and highpass settings, this filter imparts a distinctively aggressive character to the instrument's sound palette. Combined with the immersive stereo delay, ALT promises a sonic experience characterized by depth and texture.


However, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of ALT lies in its analog pin matrix—a feature reminiscent of vintage classics like the EMS VCS3. This matrix serves as a versatile modulation hub, enabling users to route signals from four adjustable modulation sources to a myriad of destinations. Whether it's the rhythmic pulse of two LFOs or the dynamic unpredictability of a random step generator, ALT empowers users to shape their sound with precision and flair.

Yet, ALT's innovation doesn't end there. With integrated light and sound sensors, the synthesizer offers a dynamic interface for interactive exploration. Whether crafting ethereal drones or crafting melodic compositions, users are invited to engage with ALT on multiple levels, blurring the boundaries between instrument and artist.

As the release date and price of Cyma Forma's ALT remain to be announced, anticipation continues to build within the synth community. With the Kickstarter campaign set to launch on May 22nd, 2024, enthusiasts have the opportunity to support the development of this groundbreaking instrument and be among the first to experience its transformative capabilities.

For more information and updates, visit Cyma Forma's official website.


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