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Wear OS 3 Update for TicWatch Pro 3, Pro 3 Ultra, and TicWatch E3

The Intricate Journey of Wear OS 3's Overhaul and Its Impact on TicWatch Users

NEWS  Smartwatch  December 14, 2023  Reading time: 3 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Mobvoi is finally delivering on its promise with the long-anticipated Wear OS 3 update for its TicWatch Pro 3, Pro 3 Ultra, and TicWatch E3, along with their LTE models. While the company acknowledges the extended wait, it attributes the delay to the intricate nature of the update, likening it to constructing an entirely new software architecture. In this article, we explore the details of the Wear OS 3 update, its potential impact on user experience, and the challenges faced by Mobvoi during the process.

Wear OS 3: A Game-Changing Update

The Wear OS 3 update brings a host of improvements to the TicWatch lineup. Users can expect enhanced navigation, smoother animations, and improved overall performance. Additionally, the update promises access to new apps and watch faces, elevating the smartwatch experience for Mobvoi enthusiasts. While the company remains mum on Google Assistant's inclusion, users are cautioned not to be overly optimistic, especially considering its absence on the TicWatch Pro 5.

Compatibility and Cross-Platform Functionality

Reassuringly, Mobvoi ensures that all TicWatch models, post-update, will remain compatible with iPhones. However, Android users will need to transition to the Mobvoi Health app for managing their smartwatches, as the Wear OS by Google app ceases to function. This move aligns with the evolving landscape of wearable technology and highlights Mobvoi's commitment to providing a seamless experience across different platforms.

Industry Comparisons

Mobvoi's journey to deliver Wear OS 3 hasn't been without its challenges. Comparisons with Fossil, another player in the smartwatch arena, reveal varying timelines and strategies. Fossil, albeit facing delays, managed a comparatively faster transition to Wear OS 3 for its Gen 6 smartwatches, albeit with compromises like the absence of Google Fit and Assistant. The more recent Wear OS 3.5 release by Fossil, however, has been marred by bugs and stability issues, underscoring the complexities of such substantial updates.

User Feedback and Transparency Concerns

Existing TicWatch users have expressed discontent with the prolonged wait for the Wear OS 3 rollout. Criticism is not solely reserved for the delay but also for Mobvoi's perceived lack of transparency. The company's failure to provide regular updates has left users frustrated and raises questions about communication practices within the tech giant.

Looking Ahead: Wear OS 4 and Beyond

Considering the substantial time invested in bringing Wear OS 3 to fruition, speculations arise about Mobvoi's plans for Wear OS 4 and potential updates for existing wearables. While Wear OS 4 remains uncertain for current models, users hope that any future updates will be expedited, given Mobvoi's claim of developing a new architecture for Wear OS 3.

Rollout Details

The Wear OS 3 update is set to roll out in these days, but users may not see it immediately due to a staged release that unfolds in phases. Mobvoi encourages users to be patient as the update gradually reaches all eligible devices.

Mobvoi's Wear OS 3 update marks a significant improvement for TicWatch users, promising a transformed smartwatch experience. While challenges and delays have tested user patience, the unveiling of this comprehensive update demonstrates Mobvoi's dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology to its user base. 


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