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Xiaomi Unveils HyperOS Roadmap with Detailed List of Devices

Xiaomi Accelerates HyperOS Deployment, Including Surprising Additions and Affordable Options

NEWS  Smartphones  April 2, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Xiaomi has divulged the latest insights into its HyperOS rollout strategy. The Chinese tech giant has confirmed that seven sought-after devices from its Redmi Note series have already received the HyperOS update in March 2024, with further expansion plans set for the second quarter of the year.


The HyperOS rollout, which aims to bring Xiaomi's custom Android operating system to a broader range of devices, has been progressing smoothly. With the completion of updates for all planned Redmi phones from Q1 2024, Xiaomi now sets its sights on extending the reach of HyperOS to encompass several popular models released in 2021, as well as additional devices.

According to the latest announcement from Xiaomi, the following smartphones are slated to receive the HyperOS update in Q2 2024:

  1. Xiaomi 11T Pro
  2. Xiaomi 11 Ultra
  3. Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge
  4. Xiaomi 11X
  5. Xiaomi 11i
  6. Xiaomi 11 Lite
  7. Mi 10
  8. Redmi 13c series
  9. Redmi K50i
  10. Redmi 11 Prime 5G
  11. Redmi Note 11 series
  12. Redmi 12
  13. Xiaomi Pad 5

One notable inclusion in the lineup is the Mi 10, a device that debuted in 2020, indicating Xiaomi's commitment to providing updates for devices beyond their initial release year. Moreover, the inclusion of several affordable smartphones, such as the Redmi series and the Xiaomi Pad 5, demonstrates Xiaomi's dedication to catering to diverse consumer segments.


However, the HyperOS expansion doesn't stop with Xiaomi's main brand. POCO, Xiaomi's sub-brand known for delivering high-performance devices at competitive prices, has also announced its HyperOS rollout plan for Q2 2024.

The roster of devices slated to receive the update under the POCO banner includes:

  1. POCO F4
  2. POCO M4 Pro
  3. POCO C65
  4. POCO M6
  5. POCO X6 Neo

This move underscores Xiaomi's holistic approach to providing the latest software features and optimizations across its entire product ecosystem. By extending HyperOS to both flagship and mid-range devices, Xiaomi aims to enhance user experiences and ensure that a wider range of users can benefit from its latest innovations.





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