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Arturia Launches V Collection X: An Exciting Expansion of their Virtual Instrument Bundle

Two New Instruments, Rebuilt Classics, and Exclusive Presets

NEWS  Plugins VST  December 12, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Arturia has unveiled the latest addition to their acclaimed line of virtual instruments – V Collection X. This comprehensive update introduces lots of new features and instruments, solidifying its status as one of the most sought-after virtual instrument bundles in the music production industry.

The V Collection X brings forth an unprecedented selection of software instruments, featuring two brand-new additions, two complete rebuilds, four modern synthesizers based on user requests, and three exclusive preset expansion packs.


Among the newcomers is the CP-70 V, a fusion of sampling and modeling designed to capture the essence of the legendary electro-acoustic piano. The MiniFreak V, Arturia's software counterpart to their hybrid polysynth hardware, joins the collection, offering users a versatile and powerful synthesizer experience. Additionally, the TB-303-inspired Acid V makes its debut, while the Augmented series expands with Woodwinds, Brass, and Grand Piano variants, combining sampling and synthesis to deliver an array of captivating sounds.


Arturia hasn't just focused on introducing new instruments; they have also revamped two existing ones. The Mini V and Wurli V have undergone complete rebuilds, featuring new sound engines and updated features to elevate the overall production process. To complement this diverse array of instruments, V Collection X includes three new exclusive preset expansion packs. These packs showcase the bundle's capabilities, offering users a wide variety of sounds that demonstrate the creative potential of the newly introduced titles.

Compatibility and Integration

V Collection X is compatible with PCs running Windows 10 or above, and Macs with macOS 11 and higher. The bundle includes VST, AAX, and AU plugin versions, as well as standalone applications. Notably, there is NKS support for enhanced integration with Native Instruments' hardware controllers, providing users with seamless control and accessibility.

Pricing and Availability

V Collection X is now available for purchase at a price of €599. For a limited time until January 7, 2024, existing Arturia users can take advantage of special introductory pricing offers by logging into their accounts.

Music producers and enthusiasts alike can explore the new features and instruments in V Collection X on the official Arturia website. The latest iteration promises an unparalleled virtual instrument experience, further establishing Arturia's commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of music production.




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