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Arturia's Efx REFRACT: A Free, Limited-time Experimental Effects Plugin

Dive into Creative Sound Design with Arturia's Annual Christmas Gift to Music Producers

NEWS  Plugins VST  January 4, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Arturia has continued its tradition of spreading festive joy among music producers with the release of Efx REFRACT. This experimental effects plugin, available for free until January 4, 2024, promises a unique sonic experience that goes beyond the conventional.

Breaking Traditions

It has become customary for Arturia to unveil a special effects plugin during the holiday season, offering it as a complimentary download for a limited period. Previous years saw the release of notable plugins such as the aggressive Filter MS-20 and the Tape Mello-Fi. This year, Arturia presents the Efx REFRACT, designed to inject an experimental flavor into your soundscapes.

Unleashing the Experimental Core

Efx REFRACT is built upon a super-unison core, capable of spreading sounds into up to eight voices, instantly adding size and character to your audio. This unique spread can be dynamically modulated using the built-in LFO or externally through MIDI CC mappings. The plugin also provides precise control over input levels and incorporates a high-pass filter for additional tweaking.

Unveiling the Experimental Touch

Arturia has elevated the core of Efx REFRACT by integrating various effects, offering users a truly experimental palette. Choose from a selection of effects, including a bandpass filter, comb filter, bit-crusher, multimode distortion, and a harmonizer with diverse modes. The harmonizer, in particular, allows for the creation of pseudo-granular, crystallized effects distributed across the stereo image, while distortion algorithms produce intriguing, warm textures.

User-Friendly Experimentation

While Efx REFRACT maintains a minimal set of parameters for each effect, users can modulate them with a single multi-wave LFO, introducing movement and dynamism to their audio. The plugin also features a lowpass filter for fine-tuning the output signal and a dry/wet mix control for balancing the effect intensity.

Compact Design, Big Possibilities

Efx REFRACT may not be a massive effects plugin, but its compact design makes it easy to understand and opens up fascinating sound design possibilities. Offering a refreshing departure from ubiquitous delay and reverb plugins, Arturia's Christmas gift is a special addition to any producer's toolkit, sparking curiosity and creativity.

Availability and Compatibility

Arturia Efx REFRACT is available as a free download until January 4, 2024, after which it will be priced at $99/99€. Compatible with VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats, the plugin runs seamlessly on macOS and Windows platforms. For more information and to claim your free copy visit Arturia website.




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