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Introducing Hansy Synth Daisy: A New French Polyphonic Synthesizer

Virtual Analog and Multi-Sample Playback in One Affordable Package

NEWS  Musical Instruments  April 23, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

There's a new synthesizer on the horizon, and it's coming straight from France. Hansy Synth, known for their innovative and affordable synths like the HANSY1010 and the OPLA pocket synth, has revealed its latest project—Daisy. This desktop polyphonic synthesizer combines virtual analog with a multi-sample playback engine, offering versatility and depth at an accessible price point.


Built on the Daisy Seed Platform

At the heart of the Hansy Synth Daisy is the popular Daisy Seed embedded platform, powered by an ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller running at 480Mhz with 64MB of SDRAM. This platform is becoming a staple in the synth world due to its powerful processing capabilities and flexibility.

Classic Subtractive Synthesis Meets Sampling

Daisy is a classic subtractive synthesizer with eight voices of polyphony, offering three playing modes: mono, paraphonic, and polyphonic. Each voice contains three oscillators—two main oscillators and a sub-oscillator. The main oscillators offer virtual analog waveforms with anti-aliasing and support single-cycle waveforms for a diverse range of raw sounds. This combination of virtual analog and sample-based oscillators gives users an extensive palette to work with.

Modulation and Effects for Added Depth

The Daisy's modulation engine includes three multi-wave LFOs, each with sync and delay options. Users can freely route LFO pitch to multiple oscillator destinations, while the three ADSR looping envelopes allow for intricate shaping of sound. To enhance your creations further, the synth features an onboard effects processor with delay, reverb, decimator, and distortion algorithms.


Comprehensive Connectivity

The back panel offers a variety of connectivity options, including stereo input/output on 6.35mm sockets, DIN 5-pin MIDI input/output, an SD card slot for sample loading, and a power supply input. Additionally, a stereo mini-jack input and output on the front panel provides easy access for quick connections.

A Work in Progress with Great Potential

Although still in full development, the Hansy Synth Daisy has already demonstrated promising potential in early demos. While it's too soon to provide a definitive impression of the sound, the combination of classic virtual analog synthesis with multi-sample capabilities suggests a flexible and user-friendly experience. The price point is also expected to be accessible, given Hansy Synth's track record with the HANSY1010 and OPLA, with the latter retailing at just 120€. For more information and updates visit Hansy Synth website.



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