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Introducing Vongon Replay, a Roland Juno-inspired Polyphonic Synthesizer

Exploring the Unique Design and Playability with a Refreshingly Simplistic Approach to Synthesis

NEWS  Musical Instruments  March 25, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

Vongon, a US-based company renowned for its inventive guitar pedals, has introduced the Vongon Replay synthesizer:  drawing inspiration from iconic keyboards of the past while embracing a minimalist ethos, Replay offers a fresh perspective on synthesis, prioritizing simplicity and playability.

Visually striking with its seamless, monolithic design, Replay immediately stands out among its peers. Eschewing traditional pitch and mod wheels, Vongon opts for a streamlined approach, integrating Cherry MX keys directly into the housing.


This unconventional design choice, though visually appealing, presents a minor challenge with its white-on-white labeling, detracting slightly from its otherwise exceptional aesthetic.


Delving into its sonic capabilities, Replay boasts a 6-voice polyphonic architecture driven by a virtual analog engine and a versatile multimode arpeggiator. Drawing inspiration from revered synths of the 1980s such as the Roland Juno and Korg Polysix, Replay's sound engine features a primary oscillator with selectable waveforms, including square, triangle, sine, and ramp modes. Users can further sculpt their sound with a noise generator, pulse-width modulation, and LFO pitch modulation, all routed through a resonant 4-pole lowpass filter.

Modulation options abound with an organic ADSR envelope generator and a clockable LFO, providing ample control over sound shaping.


The inclusion of a clockable arpeggiator adds an engaging dimension to performance, offering various polyphonic modes to spark creativity.


Despite its nod to vintage synthesizers, Replay incorporates modern conveniences such as preset storage, allowing users to save up to 31 presets directly accessible via the keyboard keys. Additionally, a web interface accessible via micro USB facilitates further customization and firmware updates.

On the connectivity front, Replay offers 1/4" TRS line-level inputs and outputs, a 3.5mm TRS MIDI in/out, and a micro USB port for MIDI and power connectivity. While not groundbreaking in terms of features, Replay's implementation of these connectivity options underscores its versatility and adaptability in various setups.

Priced at $899, Vongon Replay may not offer revolutionary features, but its appeal lies in its thoughtful design philosophy. By translating the simplicity and playability of their acclaimed guitar pedals into the realm of synthesis, Vongon introduces a compelling alternative for musicians seeking a user-friendly yet creatively inspiring synthesizer experience.




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