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Exploring the Cyma Forma ALT: An Innovative Synthesizer with a Pin Matrix-Based Modulation Engine

A New Analog Synth for Rich Soundscapes

NEWS  Musical Instruments  May 2, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

The world of synthesizers is about to witness an intriguing addition with the launch of the Cyma Forma ALT, a unique analog desktop synthesizer with a pin-matrix-based modulation engine. French startup Cyma Forma has been building excitement for this innovative instrument since mid-April, and its full demo has just been released. The ALT synthesizer will debut at Superbooth 24, with a Kickstarter campaign set to follow shortly after.


Design and Layout

The ALT synthesizer's design sets it apart from many of its contemporaries. Its user-friendly interface features an array of sliders and a hands-on approach, eliminating the need for complex menu diving. This design choice offers a tactile and engaging experience for users. The decision to incorporate sliders instead of traditional knobs adds to the uniqueness of the instrument, encouraging experimentation and exploration.

The Pin Matrix Modulation Engine

One of the standout features of the ALT synthesizer is its pin matrix modulation engine. This feature simplifies complex modulation connections, allowing users to explore a wide range of soundscapes with ease. The pin matrix provides a playful approach to sound design, reminiscent of classic modular synthesizers, making it ideal for those who enjoy a more interactive experience.

Versatility and Tonal Range

The ALT synthesizer is designed to be versatile, catering to a broad audience. It can function as a drone/noise machine or be played with a MIDI keyboard, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities.


With five independent oscillators, each with frequency, amplitude, waveshape, and stereo pan controls, the ALT synthesizer promises rich and varied soundscapes.

Stereo Filter and Delay

Another notable feature of the ALT synthesizer is its stereo filter, inspired by the legendary Korg MS-20. This filter offers both lowpass and highpass settings, with cutoff and resonance controls implemented through sliders. The inclusion of a stereo delay with infinite feedback adds an additional layer of character and texture to the instrument's sound.

Modulation Sources and Destinations

The ALT synthesizer's modulation engine includes four adjustable sources: two LFOs, a random step generator, and an envelope follower. These sources can be patched into up to 17 destinations through the pin matrix, providing extensive modulation possibilities. 

Additional Features

In addition to its core features, the ALT synthesizer offers light and sound sensors that can interact with its engine, providing even more opportunities for creative experimentation. The upcoming Kickstarter campaign, set to launch on May 22nd, 2024, will allow synth enthusiasts to get their hands on this unique instrument, which promises to be a game-changer in the world of analog synthesizers. For more information visit Cyma Forma website.


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