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AMSynths Unveils AM8060SE: Eurorack Evolution of the Roland Jupiter-6 Filter

The Authenticity of the Iconic 1983 Analog Multimode Filter in Eurorack Form

NEWS  Musical Instruments  November 29, 2023  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

In a nod to the synth legends of the past, UK-based AMSynths introduces the AM8060SE, a faithful reproduction and Eurorack adaptation of the revered Roland Jupiter-6 analog multimode filter, adding another chapter to the rich history of synthesizer innovations.

Over the last four to five decades, synthesizer history has been marked by groundbreaking technical advancements, including iconic oscillators and filter designs that continue to shape today's synthesizers. Rob Keeble, the mastermind behind AMSynths, has carved a niche for himself by meticulously bringing these classics into the Eurorack format, producing small series of modules that pay homage to the timeless designs of yesteryear. The latest addition to his repertoire is the Jupiter-6 filter module – the AMSynths AM8060SE.


Distinguished from its Jupiter-8 counterpart, the Jupiter-6 filter boasts a slightly more aggressive and characterful demeanor. The AM8060SE faithfully recreates this iconic multimode filter from 1983, featuring two-state variable filters. Each of the 2-pole filters is switchable between lowpass or high pass modes, offering users three VCF modes with variable resonance: 24dB LP, 24dB HP, and 12dB BP, available in two versions.


According to AMSynths, the AM8060SE is a revisited and enhanced version of the AM8060 JP6 VCF module, originally launched in 2010. Equipped with Rpar AS3109 chips, the module incorporates a refined resonance control circuit for an even more nuanced sonic experience.

Navigating the sonic landscape is made intuitive with seven black aluminum knobs and Roland JP-6 style momentary buttons adorned with LEDs. The module can be controlled manually or through CV operation (0 to +10V). For CV enthusiasts, the AM8060SE offers two CV inputs for the filters and a dedicated socket for resonance control.

AMSynths is set to release the AM8060SE at an introductory price of £139, a limited-time offer reduced from its standard £160. Synth enthusiasts looking to infuse their setups with the distinctive Jupiter-6 filter character can find more details on the AMSynths website.


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