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Stylophone Theremin: A Budget-Friendly Touch-Sensitive Synthesizer Inspired by the Legendary Hands-Free Synth

Dive into the World of Experimental Sounds with Dubreq's Stylophone Pitch Theremin

NEWS  Musical Instruments  January 6, 2024  Reading time: 2 Minute(s)

mdo Max (RS editor)

The world of synthesizers has been continually evolving since the inception of the Theremin in 1920 by the visionary inventor Leon Theremin. The unique touch-sensitive operation of the Theremin, where hands glide along antennas to control pitch and volume, has fascinated musicians and enthusiasts for decades. In a contemporary twist, Dubreq, the developers behind the iconic Stylophone range, have introduced the Stylophone Theremin, a budget-friendly touch-sensitive synthesizer that pays homage to its legendary predecessor.

Dubreq Stylophone Theremin

The Stylophone Theremin Experience

Unlike traditional synthesizers with keys, the Stylophone Theremin maintains the essence of the original Theremin by relying on touch-sensitive antennas for pitch control. However, it sets itself apart by simplifying the learning curve – featuring only a pitch antenna, eliminating the volume antenna for ease of play.

The Engine Behind the Sounds

The Stylophone Theremin boasts a versatile control panel with three distinct sections: sound generation/play, a delay module, and a slider/trigger interface. While the synthesis engine's exact nature (analog or digital) remains a mystery, it delivers an array of features including a two-wave oscillator, decay envelope, vibrato effect, and drone mode. With the mod switch, Frequency Modulation (FM) is possible, offering musicians a wide range of sonic possibilities.


Stylophone Theremin

Playability and Experimental Sounds

Playing the Stylophone Theremin involves waving your hand around its antenna, manipulating the slider for fixed pitches, or using the trigger button for sound without antenna interaction. The developers promise instant experimental sounds, encouraging users to explore mad modulation, wobbly vibrato, and crunchy echoing delay for quirky, sci-fi sound creation.

Versatility and Tweakability

Setting the Stylophone Theremin apart is its complete control panel, allowing users to adjust sounds dynamically. While lacking a filter, the instrument compensates with its ability to produce a variety of tones, making it a more versatile-sounding instrument compared to its predecessor. The absence of a volume antenna simplifies the learning curve, offering musicians a more accessible entry into the world of Theremin-style synthesis.

Availability and Pricing

The Stylophone Pitch Theremin is set to be available soon at an approximate price of $110, €100, or £90. Enthusiasts can sign up on the official website for pre-orders without upfront payment, ensuring they secure their spot to embark on an exciting journey into the realm of experimental and budget-friendly synthesizers.

Dubreq's Stylophone Theremin bridges the gap between classic Theremin playability and modern synthesizer features, offering an affordable entry point for both beginners and seasoned musicians. With its distinctive design, versatile control panel, and promise of instant experimental sounds, this budget-friendly synthesizer adds a touch of innovation to the world of music technology. For more information visit Dubreq Stylophone website.




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